Short Haircuts for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

Your age has nothing to do with how you look or feel. It is all about self-confidence and grace. If you are over 50, this just means you’ve had more years to perfect both. At your age you might have to take more care of your looks but it doesn’t have to take long. Just get yourself a fresh new short haircut and you will feel like the young woman you really still are at heart. Read ahead to get some ideas on some variations on the short styles for your naturally thick locks so you never have to worry about a bad hair day again.

The Classic Bob

Short-Haircuts-for-Women-Over-50-with-Thick-HairWithout any layers and short up to your chin, this hairstyle will bring out your feminine features without being too short. Only those with medium to thick hair can really pull this hairstyle off, as lighter hair would just fall flat and shapeless. Great for women in their fifties who really don’t have the time to primp up in the morning or are always on the go. To add some quick drama part it from the side or just flick a straightener through as it will only take minutes. This haircut is best for those with round or heart-shaped faces.

The Layered Bob


If you want to go a step further than just the classical look, you can choose the choppy layered bob look. The short layers will frame your jawline and still emphasize your best features without you having to spend hours in front of a hair dryer that’s probably killing your cuticles. Just a quick session will do so you can worry about other more important things in your life. Make sure you moisturize your thick hair with serum or conditioner to prevent getting any puffy hair and you can step out looking like a complete beauty.

Short Bob With Stacked Layers


Get your hair off your neck in the back for a chic, modern look that is also practical. This haircut is very popular with older women as it brings life to your hair without too much maintenance. You will have to work on making sure it stays frizz free by using the right serums and hairsprays. Scrunch it up with hair mousse after your shower or quickly run a flat iron through dry hair for a sleek evening style. This hairstyle is best for women with round faces and thick hair.

The Textured Pixie


If you really need something with low maintenance that gives you maximum edge, go for a pixie haircut. This short style, cut close to your ears and neck in the back but with a nice stylish fringe in the front will really make you feel fresh and youthful without making you look childish. Style your hair in a hurry with some texture spray or styling wax and you’ll be ready for any event. This hairstyle is great for round or oval shaped faces.

Remember no matter which haircut you decide to get, short hair does need seem to grow really fast. You will need to make regular visits to your hair salon for a maintained and polished look. After your haircut you can always add different colors as lowlights or highlights to give depth to your hair. Also, no matter how short your hair, make sure you treat it like the princess that it helps you look like. Never use shady products on your hair or heat it too much. Shampoo and conditioner go a long way in keeping your hair fresh and healthy but avoid over washing as that can dry out thick hair. Embrace your natural hair so it can really be there for you as you age.

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