Short Haircuts For Wavy Hair For Women Over 50

Wavy hair is commonly misunderstood and you really need to become friends with it so it can be nice to you. You should not hurt it by brushing too much or pull on it without expecting it to break. Wavy hair may seem harder to control but really once you get to know it is the best hair to have. Wavy hair is especially great to have at an older age when you have lesser time to style or add volume. Wavy hair will also let you rock any style without giving away a thinning hairline that comes with aging after 50. No matter what hair type though, the best thing you do for your hair is get the right haircut. Here are some haircut ideas if you want to embrace your curls with a short style.

The Stacked Bob

Short Haircuts For Wavy Hair For Women Over 50

This short style is ideal for wavy to curly hair that will show off your face. The stacked bob is short in the back and gradually get longer towards the front without a blunt edge. The hair is cut in layers in the back so it looks like it is “stacked” for a full and voluminous appearance. This cut is ideal for your waves or curls to dry nicely so you can have curly locks and not a frizzy mess. For the longer hair in the front, you can also tame your waves using a curling iron for a polished look.

The Long Bob: The Lob


Whether you need a classic haircut for work or a trendy style for a cocktail party, this versatile short hairstyle is ideal for wavy hair types. Neither too short nor too long, and a touch higher at the neckline; this style can be styled for all kinds of situations. Get a sleek look with serum and tuck it behind your ears, use a round brush to achieve a retro-glam style or spray it with some beach spray for a beachy, tousled style. This haircut can be pulled off easily without a hassle. It also does not require several visits to the stylist as it grows out well. Get your haircut with bangs to add a fresh and fun element to your style.

The Pixie Cut


While this is more difficult to pull off than other shorter hairstyles, with the right face shape this can really make you look like a star. For wavy hair, this cut looks better if it is cut in a graduated pixie style that isn’t too close to your scalp so there is enough length for your wave to form. This style will be a little longer in the front so you can show off your natural texture. If you are brave enough to go for this contemporary style, you will save yourself a lot of time in the morning before work, or you can take a longer shower before an evening out.

One of the most important things for your curly hair is finding the right stylist. Too many people go to stylists that only cut for straight hair and end up with a triangular mess. Your wavy hair deserves special attention and the right cut as even one wrong angle in the cut will ruin the whole look. Feel free to have consultations with stylists without committing to a new cut and always asks questions. GO over your issues with your stylist so there are no bad surprises at the end. Be as specific as possible and take pictures with you if it makes it easier to express yourself. With the right attitude and the right haircut, your age will be the last thing on your mind regarding your looks.

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