Shaggy Hair Styles for Women over 50

The face is the first part of our body that comes under observation during the formation of personality- and indeed it is the most powerful too. It adds great weightage to what someone thinks of you. The cherry on top of this face, however, is the hair.

Women at and past the age of 50 have to handle a great deal of stress. When there are mornings that begin with the joint pains, and nights that are ruined by tooth aches, what must one do about the increasing growth of white hair, and the fastened pace of skin-wrinkling? The passage of time signifies change. A great solution for this justified dilemma is very simple, quick, and effective: Shaggy Hair!

Shaggy hair emanates a casual, comfortable, friendly, and at the same time, the very exciting look that you feel that you’ve probably lost touch with. With your lovely locks covering your forehead and ears, this hairstyle, long or short, flat or wavy, gives you the ultimate and warm, soft look that can not only define your personality but also help you charm your way into peoples hearts as a care-free, fun and lively person. For women between 20 and 50 years of age, shaggy hair is just another option among a million other haircuts- but for women over 50, the shaggy haircut can serve as a life-changing decision- a solution to your problems.

The 4 S’ of Shaggy hair provide the different options you have with this hairstyle to suit your personality.

Shaggy & Sleek


A working woman over 50, having to deal with a lot of work stress may be experiencing inflating blood pressure levels, but also needs to maintain that sophisticated and professional get-up that everyone expects. It is very important to show that you’re not losing it- and that you have it under control. So convert that negative energy in your brain and put it into your hair as positive energy. Keep your hair short and layer it evenly around your face. Not only is it easy to maintain, but also acts as a cap to hide all your stress.

Shaggy & Shy


So what if you’re above 50? You can still blush and flutter your eyelashes and look up in the sky- but not with a bun you can’t. So cut down your locks till your chin and set them free to drop down to your eyes. No matter how windy it gets, you’ll still look cute.

Shaggy & Sexy


Giving you a whole new sensuous look- shaggy hair can take you ten years behind- walk down memory lane and feel the change in the way you walk, talk, sit, and stand. Give yourself a touch of bold and beautiful by giving yourself a messy wedge, a shaggy bob, or even a longhaired rock-chick kind of look.

Shaggy & Sober


Be practical with your shaggy hair and work it around the shape of your face.

Keep your mane long down to your shoulders and layer them around your neck. Sensibly cut your bangs short enough to keep your vision but long enough to keep you warm. You’re probably a mother of 5 kids, arranging luncheons, organizing dinners, keeping up with cooking and laundry, and going back to bed looking like a wreck. With your new shaggy hair, no matter how messy your day gets, it will not reflect in your pretty hairstyle.

They say that age is just a number and there is no denying it. Just the right amount of shaggy waves can give you the look that you have been craving for. One style can take you from looking like an old, aging woman to a powerful professional at the top of her game, the lovely mom and a beautiful wife.

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