Wedding Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life, and she does everything she can to look her absolute best. Weddings can take up to a year or more to plan, and during that time, a woman is doing everything like shopping for the perfect dress, picking out a place for the reception, choosing her bridesmaids, and also deciding on how she will do her hair and makeup that day. For a woman with long hair, the choices for hairstyles are endless because there are many wedding updo hairstyles for long hair that can make a woman look absolutely amazing on her special day.

The best hairstyles updo hairstyles for a bride with long hair

The long stream of endless curls:


A bride can put her long hair up in an updo, but make sure it is on the side of her head. Instead of leaving her long hair just hanging there, she can get a curling iron and take the hairs and curl them. Every single strand of hair should be curled, and what she ends up with is a long cascade of curls that goes down to her chest, adding a sense of fun and style to her wedding dress.

The classy curly updo:


With long hair, the bride can take her hair and put it up in a class updo look, but to make it classy, she can curl her hair, but then pin those curls to the back of her head. Some brides also take their veils and incorporate it into the updo look, which is really going to make the bride look as regal and elegant as a member of the Royal Family.

Long curls that are loose and free flowing then put up:


A vintage way for a long haired bride to do her hair is to leave her hair loose, but then just curl it. Some brides will wash their hair, then braid it to give waves, which might be a much easier way to make curls instead of just spending hours with a curling iron. When the bride is ready, she can undo her braid to see how curly her hair is, and if it is still lacking some curls, then her friends can help her take care of the hairs that did not quite curl right or did not curl very much because they came out of the braid. Once the hair has been curls, the bride can use a comb with wide teeth to brush their curls out a little bit for a softer look, and then grab the back and sides of her hair and turn it into an updo. The curls can frame her face, which is going to make a bride with a round face have a thinner looking face.

The French side braid updo:


For a bride that wants a unique way to do an updo, there is the option of the side braid. Starting from the left side of the bride’s head, she can take a long section of hair and begin to French braid her hair. As the braid goes around the side of her hair to the back, all of the hair will be incorporated into it. When the braid is done, the end of it can then be pinned to the side of her head and then curled. The French braid going along the head is going to allow the bride to put flowers in her hair, and other really festive decorations. Another unique way to do the braid would be to incorporate a white silk ribbon into it, and that can really be a beautiful way to decorate the hair in a way that will match the bride’s dress.

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