Very Short Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up great looking hair. If you are looking for a carefree haircut, a very short layered hairstyle is a great option for women over 50. This can be a fun, sexy, feminine look for women of all ages. But these short layered styles are especially suited for women over 50.

When you reach a certain age, your hair starts to thin. Layered hairstyles are great for masking this, and keeping your hair short helps it stay healthy as well. If your hair is thinning, it’s important to avoid color treatments and heated style tools. These can damage your hair, even more than when you were younger.

The key to a great short hair style is a great cut. Make sure it suits your face and your lifestyle. These very short layered cuts are perfect for an active lifestyle. Regardless, a great cut will play up your most attractive features, like your eyes, and distract from your wrinkles or frown lines.

And make sure your hair is styled away from your face. This will ensure that your face is opened up – it will flatter your neck and brighten your eyes.

Classy & Simple Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50




The pixie cut is the classic short layered hairstyle, and it never seems to go out of fashion. Make sure that your pixie cut flatters your face. You may want to go with a softer, more feminine style. But if you have strong features, you can certainly sport an edgier look.

The best pixie cuts for women over 50 add height and are styled off your face. It should be short around the ears and the nape of your neck, with some longer layers on top to add volume.

And this is so easy to style. Wash, dry and apply product with your fingers – what could be easier than that?



Another fun short layered hairstyle is the spiky cut. It’s easy to maintain and it suits women with all face shapes. This cut works on all types of hair textures and will draw attention to your face, especially the eyes.

Wearing bangs swept to the side softens this look, but it will still be sexy and daring. There is nothing predictable about this cut. And if you are feeling a bit less edgy, you can always sleek it down for a more sophisticated look.

Like most short, layered haircuts, this one is easy to style. As you dry your hair, muss it up a bit with your fingers. Be careful not to let it get too puffy! Finish it up by applying a small amount of pomade or gel, and working it through the layers to spike them up.



If you like a really short, easy and fun style, try a cropped cut. Have your stylist add some chunky layers using a razor and this will look great. You can keep your layers soft, or your go for an edgier look with uneven bangs and layers.

The cropped cut is longer around the ears than a pixie cut. So you want to be sure to keep your layers back off your face for the most flattering look. If you wear bangs, keep them swept off to one side.

This is a great style for medium to thick hair, with some wave or curl to it. And it works equally well for women with straight hair. You can easily style it with a bit of hair cream and a paddle brush. Or if you have curly hair, you can just wash and go.

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