Short Blonde Hairstyles For Women Over 40

They say 40 is the new 20, but really what would you want it to be? At 40 you’re at the best stage in your life past the awkward, broke days and instead at the peak of your career. No 20 year old can compete with the grace and style you have perfected with time. At this age however, as your body ages, you do have to start changing your routine, so it might be time for a change of mane. There are so many styles out there for older women that it can be hard pick just one. This article will go over some of the most popular Short Blonde Hairstyles For Women Over 40 so you will have no reason to hide your age but flaunt it.

Inverted Bob


The hair is cut close to the nape and tapered around the edges to give a flattering look. The hair short and stacked to create a look of fullness and an asymmetric cut so the hair can be longer on the front to frame and flatter your face. This hairstyle will suit any face shape and texture and can be customized as needed to suit your tastes. You will especially stand out in this popular hairstyle with two toned blonde hair for a feminine, sexy look that accentuates and elongates your neck. Stay away from ashy hues in your hair as they will just make you look washed out.

Choppy Pixie Crop


Get rid of the hair falling over your face and replace it with a short, cute hairdo that will visually take some weight off your face, make you feel younger and liberated. For women in their 40s, who are usually either busy with a demanding career or with driving your kids around the town for soccer games and ballet classes, it is very important to have a hairstyle that is manageable without too much primping so they can be ready at a moments notice. This haircut will give you just that with the welcome addition of a glamorous look. This hairstyle is recommended if you have fine to medium thick hair and light facial features.

Layered Bob


This hairstyle is suitable for almost any hair type and texture. Whether you have thick or fine hair, curly or straight, you will be able to pull this style off with grace. This hairstyle involves several layers to for voluminous, bouncy hair that keeps its round shape, while showing off your facial bone structure. For easy styling, blow dry damp hair with a large round brush, lifting it at the roots. To finish off, pass a straightening iron at the ends to flip the hair and then run your fingers through to separate the curls for a fun, tousled look. Go for a blonde color that is two shades lighter than your skin tone for the best effect.

Short Shag


If your hair needs a little more life, a little more bounce, a short shaggy ‘do may be just what you are looking for. Go asymmetrical or straight, you can work with your hairstylist to create a look to complement your short blonde hair while giving you’re the classy or dramatic look you are after. Be careful though as just a few too many layers could ruin the look. You want your haircut to show off your natural texture with a modern touch. This can be achieved through nice bangs on the front and the correct usage of a razor to remove extra weight from your hair. The best way to style this cut is to scrunch the ends with some leave-in conditioner or dry it with a diffuser for an edgy, effortless look.

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