Short Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 50

That haircut you’ve had since you were 20? It might not be cutting it anymore now that you’re crossing 50. With age, your face changes, as does your personality. You probably also have lesser time, or are less inclined to spend too much time getting dressed and taming your tresses like you did back in your younger days. Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to updating your look because you’re not really that into the pixie rage. Since most women just can’t pull that look off, the go-to haircut has been the bob for decades. This adaptable haircut can be tailored to meet your face type, hair texture and taste. This article will go over some different takes on the bob so you can create your own unique look.

The Layered, Wavy Bob


This simple, universally appealing cut can never be wrong. Short in the back and getting longer in the front, the ends are razored or scissored to remove thick ends for a wispy, romantic look. The resulting lightness provides a bouncy, voluminous hairstyle that doesn’t add any weight to your face. While you can just let this hair style dry naturally without losing the look, for those days when you want to dress it up, just add some serum on the ends and use a flat iron to create some flirty waves. Sweep it to one side of your face for a timeless, graceful look.

The “Messy” Bob


This short, casual hairstyle is flirty and sexy in a calculated way. This low maintenance style is pretty and effortless. This layered style should be a little short in the back with a long fringe sweeping across your forehead for a mane that has body and bounce. While this haircut is mostly recommended for hair with medium thickness to achieve the right shape, with a little extra effort, those with finer hair can also pull it off. Just use a curling rod to add the waves you lack and you’ll be looking tip-top in no time. Use a tiny amount of hair cream to smoothen the hair and don’t worry about using a dryer.

The “Posh” Bob


Named after Victoria Beckham, this sleek style is stacked and short in the back angling to a longer length towards the chin. This hairstyle will emphasize your face shape while visually slimming you down for a spicy, sexy style. This style worse best for those with medium thick straight hair and a heart shaped face. Ditch the long styling outing with this blunt cut and cut down on products as well. Since this haircut is so short you want to make sure any cream or mousse you are using is in minute amounts as too much will change your sophisticated style to a greasy, goopy mess.

The Asymmetrical Bob


This blunt precise cut will give you an elegant and well-groomed look. This haircut is a little harder to pull off, as it is so precise with almost no layers, so you want to make sure it doesn’t end up emphasizing any flaws. This polished style if cut right will soften your look by framing your face at the jaw. The side swept asymmetrical cut is easier to pull off and can easily go from a professional look to an evening style. Recommended for those with straight hair, those with wavy hair should only attempt to go for this if they are ready to spend extra time with the hair dryer and straightner. Avoid putting more than a dime-sized amount of product as it will just weigh it down and look dirty. This haircut is great for older women who are looking to really stand out but without too much work

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