Very Short Haircuts for Black Women Over 50

Cut down the time spent managing your hair. Very short haircuts for black women over 50 are sexy, cute and extremely feminine. And sometimes going short is inevitable, especially if you are transitioning from chemically relaxed to naturally curly hair. A very short style is a much better solution than simply growing out your relaxed hair.

With a short hairstyle it’s easy to keep your look neat. But don’t forget about your hair care routine! Keep your hair conditioned and moisturized. And short haircuts can lose their shape quickly, depending on how quickly your hair grows. So regular trims are essential.

Don’t let anyone tell you that short hairstyles don’t have any styling options. Long hair usually just goes down, unless you set your hair for a formal occasion or because you have some free time. But you can play with your short hair anytime you want to. It just takes a few minutes to sweep your hair to one side, pull it back, or try a tousled look. And if you don’t like the result, it’s easy to change it back.

There are a few basic very short hairstyles for black women. But there are a lot of variations within these styles. With so many options, you are bound to choose something that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. And there is no doubt sexy and attractive!

Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women



Cut down on the time you spend fixing your hair with a short natural hairstyle. With a natural cut, all you need is to add conditioner and go! Just cut off your hair down to the new growth to go natural. You will want to go to a salon to make sure it is shaped right.

You can choose a super low cut close to the scalp or you can go a bit longer. You can try a cropped cut, which is low on the sides. A cute, cropped natural look is perfect for a woman who wants to play up her delicate features, or add emphasis to strong features such as large beautiful eyes.



Maybe you prefer using a relaxer, but still want that short and sexy look, go for a tapered cut. This style makes textured hair look polished, but fun. It still means you will need to go to the salon for a professional chemical relaxing, but there is not much maintenance.

Make sure your hair stylist leaves the top two to three inches long, and tapers the sides and back very low. You can have the hair shaven down, cut in low layers, or kept long enough to use a mini curling iron.

For a fun and casual look, leave your layers softly messy. Or even add some volume to your layers. And when you need a more sophisticated look, you can sleek it down.



This classic style can be transformed to fit almost anyone. The bob works on a variety of hair types, face shapes and age groups. You can take a cropped bob a couple of inches shorter in the back, leaving the front longer. This gives your face an instant lift.

Your cropped bob can be left curly, or chemically relaxed for a sleek look. Either way, this is a sexy and feminine short hair style. And don’t be afraid to add in layers for more volume.

Bangs can be worn wispy for a sexy style, or you can opt to go with no bangs at all. No matter your choice, this is an easily maintained style for a woman on the go.

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