Choosing The Best Hairstyles For Big Jaw Women

Hairstyle is a very important issue for men and women alike. But for the women, hairstyles are a bit critical and troublesome. Hairstyle is linked to our face and facial expressions. Even the body structure is also related to a good hairstyle. If a woman shaves off her hair, she will look skinny or slim or even sick. And if you have long hair but your height is just 5 feet then imagine how shorter you will become. Hairstyle determines your beautiful and perfect structure and this is why we have so many suggestions and advice to the barber and hair experts before they attempt to cut our hair. But what will you do if you have big jaws? There are some effective hairstyles for big jaw women who are perfect and you will look nice.

Here are some hairstyles for big jaw women one can apply:

Longer silky hair:


Keeping long hair is the ultimate solution to your problem. Longer hair will definitely help you hide the sides of your jaws and you will look nice and perfect. Having big jaws is defined as good things by some people, but not by everybody. You should not pull your hair at the back rather you should keep the hair to your jaw side but do not hide your face. Brush your long hair properly and leave the hair, this will suffice. But too much long hair is discouraged. In many offices and corporate environment you may face complaint for your long hair, in this case you can keep your hair at a medium size but again, you must tell your haircut expert you cut slowly so that you can measure out the best size for you.

Avoid pixie Cut


Avoiding pixie cut is the best option you have to hide the jaws. However, if you worship your jaws and want to showcase yourself, you should select a pixie hair cut. Pixie cut is a nice hairstyle but several pixie styles will definitely emphasize the looks of your big jaws. Pixie cuts are good for the ladies with small jaws. If you apply pixie cuts you will look very odd, you may not understand it or notice it. It is ideal if your face is small and normal and if you have a small nose.

Long and straight hair


Long, straight hair will suit your face with big jaws. Straight hair normally remains closer to the jaw line and this will shorten the big jaw. Your face will look perfect. And importantly, if you have straight hair, you can do more width with bangs. And we all know bangs make your face look shorter as they cover up a big portion of your face. Also, you may put on anything from blunt bangs to long, side-swept bangs. When you are outside on a sunny day, consider a sunglass as sunglass suit very well on women with big jaws.

Part your hair to one side


In order to require some of the stress off from your big jaws, you can part your hair to one side. This is a good technique to drive the attention off the jaws. By doing this you can easily take the attention to your body and hair not on the jaws. But for this, good hair and long and silky hair are vital for you. Take care of your hair every day. You need to keep in mind, when you are parting your hair to a particular side you must not let your hair cover your half face, but a small portion of your face.

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