Classic Hairstyles for Women Over 40

As a woman over 40 you are probably tired of the same hairstyles you wore when you were in your 30s and you are now ready for better hairstyles. You can wear classic hairstyles for women over 40 because they never go out of style and you can put a modern twist on the hairstyles. When you visit with the stylist, you should look for a hairstyle that is age appropriate yet not too mature. Consider your facial structure when deciding on your new look.

Super Hot Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Wear Your Chin Length Hair in Waves


If you have straight chin-length hair and tired of wearing bobs and shags, you can take a break and wear waves in your hair. Soft waves soften your face and they can be styled in a variety of ways. If you are wearing waves, you need to refresh them every few weeks so that your style will look neat and beautiful. You can also add side bangs to your waves for extra flair.

Asymmetrical Bob or Angled Bob

There is the classic bob with bangs but if you want to look edgy for a change, you should have the stylist give you an asymmetrical or angled bob because these bobs make you appear sexy and confident at 40. This bob especially looks good on you when you are wearing cute outfits that have bold colors and patterns.

Pixie Cut

Many women in their 40s choose the pixie cut and this hairstyle makes you look sassy yet mature at the same time. Women with square shaped or oval faces would especially look beautiful with a pixie cut because it emphasizes their jawlines and cheekbones as well as the forehead. In order to get the pixie cut your hair should be at least two inches long.

Soft Curls

If you have medium-length hair, soft curls are a good choice. You would wash your hair and then put in large rollers before air drying your hair. When a few hours have passed, you want to take the rollers out and style the hair how you want.

Bold Red Hair

For the women over 40 with cool skin tones, you should take a risk and go for red hair because this color brings out the hairstyle well. Another idea is to add strawberry or deep red highlights to the hair if you don’t want all of your hair to be red. Some of the best hairstyles for red hair include the shag, loose curls or waves, bob and the cropped cut.

Curly Bob

The curly bob is a playful yet sophisticated look that is fabulous on women over 40 who have curly hair. The good thing about having a curly bob is that it is a low maintenance look and you can add highlights to the style for pizzazz.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

If you are fair-skinned and have a warm skin tone, you can break out the same old hair color and have the stylist give your hair a strawberry blonde color. This hair color makes you appear youthful and this color complements just about any hairstyle you choose.

Turning 40 should be a time of reflection about the second half of your life but it should also be a time where you rethink your beauty routine and wardrobe. You can switch things up with these hairstyles and bold hair colors, and you will look energetic, confident and very feminine. Look through several hairstyles in magazines and cut out the ones you like. Visit the stylist and let her help you choose the best style.

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