Chic Hairstyles for Women Over 60

The grandmothers and other mature women of today’s age are not just waiting for their final entry into the sunset and feeling sorry about their past experiences. Today’s women over 60 are more empowered, confident and spunky than in decades past and they celebrate their lives rather than regretting it. Today’s women over 60 operate small businesses, work in government, run corporations and some even have teenage children at home with them. If you are a woman who is over 60, you will like these chic hairstyles for women over 60.

Fabulous Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Bobs Complement Gray Hair


There was a time when some women over 60 wanted to completely color their hair to hide the gray but this is not the case for many older women today. If you are proud of your gray hair, bobs are a good choice and there are several bobs to choose from. The pixie bob has layers near the top and sides and this is ideal for those with receding hairlines. Another type of bob is the curly bob and you can add black highlights to complement the gray in your hair. The classic bob is sleek with bangs but if you don’t like bangs, the A-line bob would work.

Layered Cuts

Women over 60 can rock a chic layered cut but how the cut should be layered depends on the woman’s facial structure. If you have a round or wide face, it is better to wear your layers near the top of your hair but if you have a long or rectangular face, the layers are better towards the side of the face.


Women of color who are over 60 can wear twists if they are looking for a beautiful and low maintenance hairstyle. Start by parting your hair in sections then twist these sections over each other until tiny twists form. This hairstyle keeps for a long time and you can create new styles with your twists.

Razored Cut

If you are adventurous with hair, you can wear a razored cut with uneven choppy layers at the ends. This hairstyle requires a few visits to the stylist for maintenance after you get it but the razored cut is not hard to keep up. If you have thinning hair this is a good hairstyle to wear.

Cropped Afro

This is a good choice if you enjoy the natural look, and this hairstyle looks great with gray hair. When you visit the stylist to get the cropped Afro, ask him on ways you can maintain the look and also purchase hair products that keep the style intact and your hair healthy.

French Twist


The French twist is a good hairstyle to wear to formal events although it can be worn with casual wear. The French twist also looks graceful with gray hair and this hairstyle stays in place for a long time.

Here are some hair care tips for women over 60. If you suffer from hair thinning or loss, you can meet with the dermatologist to inquire about a treatment that can boost hair growth. Hair coloring is good for appearance but if your hair is very fragile, it causes your hair to thin out more so talk with the stylist before deciding to color your hair. When styling and washing your hair at home, you want to use volumizing products since they add fullness to your hair. Avoid combing your hair too hard as it leads to breakage. Finally, wear a hairstyle that makes you happy and confident.

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