Black Men Hairstyles for Short Hair

There are a lot of choices for black men hairstyles for short hair despite the common misconception that black men with short hair are unimaginative and lacking in style. Black men hairstyles are varied, especially when taking note of the details. While afros have been constantly associated with black men, there are practically a million other hairstyles black men can rock. Here are some options that you can choose from.

Types of Black Men Hairstyles

Buzz cut


Typically associated with men joining the armed forces, the buzz cut is popular among black men who want low-maintenance hair, while at the same time making you look professional and elegant at the same time. The buzz cut is usually cut using electric clippers, and need minimum maintenance. Buzz cuts make the face look more defined, accentuating the eyes and the forehead, similarly drawing attention to the ears and the facial shape.

Close shave


This hairstyle is commonly associated with black men and is a very popular hairstyle for short hair. This style can be done at the comfort of your own home, and using only the bare minimum of accessories. With an electric razor, and scissors if you have longer hair, you can shave your hair as close as possible to the scalp, leaving only a very short amount of hair. Again, minimum styling is needed; just keep trimming every so often to maintain that classic close shave hair style.

Total shave


You may want to go one step up from doing a close shave to a total shave. This style is commonly worn by black men of all ages. This is similarly advantageous to men, whose hairlines have been receding, allowing for the concealment of the actual hairline. The advantage of this style is that you do not have to go to the barber or to the salon as often as this style can be cut at your own home.

Fade haircut


A more stylish alternative to the buzz cut, the fade haircut is characterized by having thick hair on the top of the head, while gradually fading on the sides and on the back, until no more hair is left on the skin. This may be done as well with longer and fuller hairstyles, similar to a mini Mohawk or an undercut. You may want a barber to cut this style for you to achieve the kind of fade that you want.

Styling products for black men hairstyles for short hair

To maintain your short hairstyle, you may need to use gels, waxes, and other styling products. For your varying hairstyles, here are some options for the styling product you may want to use.

  • Gels – Typically water-based, gels are the preferred styling products for those who want that fresh and wet look.
  • Waxes – These are petroleum based pliables that add shine and control to short hairstyles. This works best with the buzz cut and the fade haircut, allowing for more texture, and giving you an easier time to separate the hair.
  • Muds or clays – Muds and clays work best for maximum control and they give off that matte finish. This works similarly well on short hairstyles, giving it more texture, and making it easier to style.

To choose the proper styling product, you must first consider the quality and thickness of your hair. Then consider the hair style that you want to go for. Finally, aim for what specific finish you want to get after you style. Taking into consideration all these factors, you will surely be able to style your short hair to your liking, adding further comfort and confidence.

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