Black Men Hairstyles with Dreads

Commonly associated with the Rastafari movement, dreadlocks have been worn for decades and centuries by people of varying cultures: African, West and East Asian, Greeks, and other European cultures. This hairstyle indeed transcends time. Currently, black men hairstyles with dreads is gaining popularity as it is one of the edgier but at the same time classic hairstyles. Similarly, in the present, there are a lot of further styling options you can choose from, to enhance those dreads.

Creating those dreads

  1. Neglect method – This is the more traditional, leave it to nature method. This method creates locks that vary greatly in size, length, and texture. However, there are more methods that give you more control over the size, width, and texture of the dreads.
  2. Dread perming – Usually done in salons, this can be done by sectioning hair, then knotting and braiding the sections into coils and twists.
  3. Backcombing – Similar to dread perming, hair is divided into sections, and then these sections are teased using a comb, allowing the hair to become frizzy and form together. These sections are then knotted and locked with each other.
  4. Rub method – This dread-making option works best on typical black men, as it works best with their texture of hair. By rubbing the hair during washing, this method creates coils around the head, going further and locking into small locks.

Examples of styled dreads for black men



Up-dos are usually associated with women’s hairstyles but with your dreads, you will surely be able to wear this hairstyle without question. To do so, start with a French braid for your dreads and then knot it into an up-do. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to make the up-do as neat as it should be. Having stray hair here and there adds more character.

Dreadlocks and shaved sides


Nothing else says wild like this hairstyle. Giving off that radical vibe, the sides of your otherwise long locks are shaved. It is an appealing hairstyle, and encourages a lot of conversation. This works best for naturally kinky hair.

Pulled back hair


While sporting dreads, the long and curly hair are pulled back to accentuate your face, and highlight your facial features.

Single lock


If you are not yet brave enough to convert your long locks to full dreads, there is an option to make just a section of your hair into dreads, incorporating it with your natural hairstyle. This style adds character to what is otherwise plain long locks. This will surely grab attention, as well.

Maintaining those dreads

There is a common misconception that people with dreadlocks are terribly unhygienic as dreads should not be washed. However, washing your dreadlocks is very important. Washing your hair helps establish the locks. Choose to use residue free shampoo to help the locks mature faster, and to ensure that the growth of hair continues in the pattern set by the dreadlocks. After washing the hair, make sure you dry them completely. Excess moisture may break down the locks. To keep the locks in place, you may use dread waxes.

After having dreads, one important part of maintaining it is palm rolling. In palm rolling, sections of hair are held between the palms and then rolled. Doing this would tighten the locks, and keep the locks in cylindrical shapes, removing the irregularities and knots, should there be any.

Maintaining dreads are difficult, particularly at the start. However, as the dreads grow, they tighten and mature, and become rather maintenance-free. Growing dreads may be one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your life. However, having dreadlocks is one of the more enjoyable and cool hairstyles.

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