Black Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

The Mohawk is a hairstyle characterized by having both sides of the hair shaved, leaving the middle section of the hair longer. This hairstyle has been popular in the punk rock scene, as it gives an edgier feel. However, there are a lot of black Mohawk hairstyles for men to choose from. Surely you will find one that will fit your style, giving you that edge, and perhaps a bit of that punk rock feel.

The faux hawk


Going for a Mohawk is a bit too risky for you? Try going for a faux hawk to give you a sense of how a Mohawk hairstyle feels like, without having to shave the sides of your hair, and without taking too much risk. To attain that successful faux hawk, have your hair cut to mid or short length. Gather the hair to the center of your head and, using your preferred strong holding styling paraphernalia, make a spike in the middle of your hair, leaving the sides of your hair thinned out. This hairstyle has been popular since the 2000s, and is still in style up to now.

Different kinds of Mohawk hairstyles

Are you ready to go for a full Mohawk? Here are some styles to choose from.



The undercut is probably one of the hottest hairstyles at the moment. It can be seen in fashion runways, your favorite clubs, magazines, and in athletes. This Mohawk style has a wider center, and hair is usually combed to one side, partially covering the other side of the Mohawk. This works well with thick and full hair, allowing more options for styling. You may choose to go for spikes, accentuating the height, and making the spikes look taller. Similarly, the undercut works well with curly hair, leaving contrast between the shaved and the full and thick hair.

Dread hawk


Dread hawk is a portmanteau of dreadlocks and Mohawk. In this hairstyle, the sides of the head are shaved, while the center part is knotted into dreadlocks. This kind of hairstyle is typically worn by men with long hair. Indeed this is one of the more hardcore and edgier hairstyles. You may further style this by adding color, and adding accessories to your hair.

Fan Mohawk


Typical of the punk rock scene, fan Mohawks go from just above your forehead to the base of your neck in a continuous style. Just an uninterrupted strip of hair, held by your preferred strong holding styling gel or wax. Add further character to this style by adding color. Similarly, some men choose to add further edge to this style by adding shaved designs to the sides of their hair. From simple line patterns, to more complicated shapes, choose one that you think best fits you, and get that real edgy look.

Mohawk for your face shape


The Mohawk works well for almost all face shapes. However, men with extra-long faces should be wary of choosing this hairstyle. Extending your hair upward may further elongate your face, creating awkwardness, instead of exuding style and confidence.

With a Mohawk, you will surely grab attention, and draw a lot of stares. But carrying out this style successfully would surely boost your confidence, and give you a sense of comfort and poise you cannot feel when wearing other hairstyles. Wearing a Mohawk adds another dimension, and increases your sense of edginess, making you look more interesting. With the various Mohawk styles available today, you may choose one that fits you best. Similarly, if you can’t find one that fits your style, start a trend and go as wild and as edgy as you can.

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