Dreadlock Hairstyles for White Women

Dreadlocks are really quite a hairstyle fashion rage these days. The functionality of dreads for women of African descent is now a hot fashion style for not only these women, but white women as well. A bohemian, beachy look is taking over in many areas. The natural hair is not just a style for some but part of a natural way of life. Because different ethnicities tend to have different hair types, sometimes it might be a little more difficult for dread lock hairstyles for white women. But, there is hope! And there is a way to get the cool and easy dread lock look and some awesome hairstyles to boot. Check out some of these types of styles now that you are dread locked and ready to style.

Dread lock Hairstyles

Dread lock hairstyles are pretty universal. It’s more of the texture of the dreads that’s different for white women. Dreads appear to be frizzier looking at times possibly because of the process to get the dreads to lock is a little more involved with backcombing hair to create texture. The same style may be shared by two different women and the texture of the hair can make it look like a completely different hairstyle. Some specific dread lock hairstyles for white women include the following:

Braids –



Braids are popular with any ethnicity but take on a different life for white women. Braids are looser and have a fuzzy softness to them because of the hair texture.

Ponytails –


The tried and true is always in vogue. Add a handkerchief around the head and you’ll be rock in’ some style.

Partial Ponytail – Putting the top half of the hair in a partial ponytail while the rest flows down in the back seems to be quite popular as well.

Up-Dos –


Some up-dos include a very loose bun, or ponytail or allowing the dreads to be bunched together at the top of the head and cascade down.

Hair Accessories –

Use of hair accessories like scarves, ribbon, hair picks, handkerchiefs, and even hair color can be used to embellish any of the above styles.

With some imagination and creativity you can make a hairstyle that will really make your style shine.

Creating and Maintaining Dreadlocks for White Women

As we’ve mentioned before, the texture of hair has a lot to do with how well the hair will lock into dreads. Smoother, finer hair needs to have a little more prep work done than coarser hair but can still get great effects. Keep these tips in mind if you are trying to make dreadlocks in your hair:

Make sure there isn’t any product residue in your hair. Your hair should be free of conditioners and nice and clean when you start making the locks.

Backcombing hair will help achieve the look you want. Take each section a little at a time backcombing and twisting as you go. Make sure to use a natural dread lock wax product to smooth and seal the dread.

Use rubber bands to help keep the dreads in place, tighten every week or so as they loosen.

Be patient, especially if you have long hair, it will take time to get it all completed but with patience and a little work it’ll be great!

Finding dread lock hairstyles for white women isn’t hard; many styles that are traditionally known to be dread lock hairstyles will work. Just know that the appearance of the dreads is going to be a little fuzzier with backcombing unless great care is taken to get the dreads locked tight. Have fun with this relaxed natural style.

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