Cute Short Hairstyles for Women over 40

If you’re tired of that long hair, if you’re tired of washing and trimming it, then these short hairstyles are ideal for making you look confident and fresh in a men’s world. However, you should not be put off by some women who claim that short hair is difficult to maintain. Once you get used to this way of trimming your hair down, the difficult decision will be whether you should return to your longer hair. Since there are literally thousands of hairstyles to choose from (especially when you are in your 40s and cannot decide on which look you should adopt), the purpose of this article is to offer you some of the most common cute short hairstyles for women over 40. Also keeping an eye out for maintenance, this article will also show you the ones that are the easiest to maintain.

The Blunt Lob


What makes this hairstyle so special is that for once, you can get is very easy, and second, it has to do with its versatility. The length of the hair, fits any age, and pretty much everything that follows after that. To get this hairstyle that simply flatters your face, ask for an equal length with blunt ends that can easily be spiced up with accessories. On the other hand, if your face is oval or square, but still want to look fabulous in this hairstyle, you should just request in addition some face-framing layers that accentuate your cheekbones, and make your face prettier. Also, if your hair is thick, ask the hairstylist to trim it down with a razor so that you won’t get that ugly helmet head that nobody likes. Also, a bow hair clip can work wonders when trying to improve your natural beauty.

The Stacked Bob


This one is a classic and one of my all times favorite. This easy to keep hairdo will surely give you the edge if you are trying to look professional, because it will get you the respect you deserve, a value that needs more and more appreciation as you age, especially in your 40s. Your career is improving, you most likely have a family, and you do not have time to waste on your hairstyle. To get this simple yet effective haircut, just ask for a blunt and layered cut that barely stretches below your shoulder line. Just wash and be ready in minutes with this hairdo!

The Softened Pixie


For women who are always caught between business meetings, travels, and relationships, a pixie cut is nothing short of sublime. While it may take some time to fix your hairstyle once you’ve washed it, the drying time is considerably reduced, and trust me, this might be a live-saver in some situations! To get this amazing pixie cut, kindly request that your stylist cuts layers that melt into one another. The biggest secret for the pixie cut to work is that the layers must be barely noticeable. That way, you will not have a hairdo that looks chopped up and unprofessional. The purpose of this hairdo is to make you look extremely confident, graceful, and at the same time careless, just like any woman around 30 should be.

Straight Mane


If you are pleased with your long hair, and think that by cutting it short you will loose your femininity, you might want to get a straight and easy to wash and wear style. Just ask your hairstylist to trim just the tip of your hairs, so that you’re free of split ends. To maintain it, be sure to use moisturizing shampoo, and some frizz cream afterwards.

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