Curly Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

If your hair is naturally curly and do not want to let it hang for a few days because it is hard to manage, there are curly updo hairstyles for black women that look stylish yet simple to maintain. When you have curly hair, it is important to moisturize the scalp every few weeks since curly hair tends to be dry. You should also see the stylist for a deep conditioning to keep your hair healthy.

Cute Curly Updos For Black Women

Cornrows With Bun


This is a good hairstyle to wear to work or just during the week when you don’t feel like wearing your hair down. To style the cornrows, you would part your hair in five to six sections in the back of your hair and then you would braid each section from the top to bottom and then you would put the bottom part of your cornrows into a bun.


Top Knots

If you are headed out on the town, you can wear your hair in a cute topknot because this is a fun way to show off your curls. To achieve this look, you want to pull all of your hair at the top of the head and then you would braid the hair and secure it with a decorative rubberband and long hair pins.

French Twist


This is a great hairstyle if you have curly hair and you want to look elegant for your prom or wedding. You can get this hairstyle by pulling your hair towards the middle and then you would form a large twist and put some large hair pins on the inside of the twist. Accessorize your French twist with some cowrie shells.

Half Cornrow With Huge Afro in Back


If you have medium-length hair that is curly, you can have a partial cornrow with an Afro in the back. To style the cornrows, you would braid the hair in cornrows until you get to the to the middle of the hair, then you puff out the remaining hair until it resembles an Afro. This is a fun casual hairstyle for teenage and college aged women.

Crown Braid


To achieve this simple hairstyle, you would style your hair in a French braid then wrap this braid around the hair and secure it with pins. The result is that your hair would look like a crown. You can sport the crown braid to the prom or your wedding.

Go Retro With 60s Styles


You can resemble the 60s with these retro updos if you have curly hair. You can style a simple ponytail by pulling your hair in the back and securing it a rubberband, and then wrapping a thin scarf around your rubberband. Other neat 60s hairstyles you can wear is the beehive or bouffant.

Side Ponytail


Another idea is to wear a side ponytail because this shows off your curls in a beautiful way. You would pull your hair to the side and then style it in a ponytail. Another idea is to create a side messy bun and you can do this by putting most of your hair in a ponytail and leaving out some of the hair for extra flair.

If you have curly hair you have several ways you can style it in an updo. You can do many of these styles yourself and if you are a teenage girl who is just learning how to style your hair, these updos are a good way to practice on your hair. The good thing about these updos is that you can wear these styles in formal or casual settings.

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