Current Hairstyles for Women Over 30

Now that you turned 30, it is time to put aside your immaturity and rebuild your life in a fantastic way. Why not jump start the next chapter of your life by getting a new hairstyle? You cannot wear the same girly styles you wore in high school but at the same time you don’t want to look older than what you are. Here are some current hairstyles for women over 30.

Attention Grabbing Hairstyles for Women Over 30

Long Hairstyles With A Twist


At age 30, you can still get away with wearing your hair very long but try wearing creative hairstyles with your naturally long hair. One idea is to grab your flat iron and create a very sleek hairstyle with flipped ends. Another idea is to sport your long hair with beachy waves for a soft and feminine look. For a slight edgy look, sport your hair with blunt bangs on the side or in the front.


This is a flattering and sexy hairstyle for women in their 30s and this hairstyle has layers near the sides of the hair with shorter hair near the back. The shag first became popular in the 1970s and if you are obsessed with all things retro, you will love this hairstyle. The shag also suits women who have hair in colors blonde, brown, deep red and even a bright red.

Pixie Makes You Look Fearless

Another great hairstyle to wear if you are over 30 is the pixie cut because it makes you appear mature, confident and fearless. Have your stylist create some height with the pixie cut by having a few layers near the top of your hair. If you are a petite and medium-height woman, you can especially rock this hairstyle.

Classic Bob


If you have a well-structure face with neat jawlines and a well-built neck, you can pull off the classic bob effortlessly. If you have medium-length hair you are especially in a good position to rock the bob and for those with curly hair, a textured bob would work better for you. When you get the bob, purchase anti-frizz serum, essential oils and a flat iron because you will need these to maintain the bob.

Graduated Bob

For the women who have a square face and beautiful cheekbones, they should wear a graduated bob and this is a kind of bob where the hair starts out short and then becomes longer near the front. If you are a tall woman with a square face, this would be a great hairstyle for you.

Angled Haircut

If you want an edgy look, you can wear an angled haircut that has side swept bangs. This hairstyle can be worn to parties and other social events but you can also wear this hairstyle to work and other professional events. Women with a round face can pull this style off well.


If you are a woman of color who is tired of using perms and wants to go natural, you can get started by styling your hair in twists. While you grow the perm out of your hair, you can wash your hair and then apply a little holding gel in the hair. Part your hair in sections then twist these sections like corkscrews. Let the twists air dry for a few hours and over the next few weeks the twists will take shape.

At age 30, this is the time when you should experiment with new hairstyles so that you will boost confidence and possibly attract the guys’ attention if you are reentering the dating world after a few years.

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