Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50

There is an old saying that talks about age being a state of mine, and this saying is true because you are as young and you present yourself to the world. For women who are over 50, life is just getting better for them, and they should present the fact that they are proud of their age in a very stylish way especially with their hair, clothes, and overall appearance. There are many shoulder length hairstyles for women over 50, and with these hip and trendy hairstyles, a woman who is over 50 can really show that she is not some old lady, but a modern woman who knows she looks good and uses her hairstyle to show it.

Great hairstyles for women over 50 with shoulder length hair

The Jennifer Aniston layered haircut:


Considered to be one of the most influential women in the world when it comes to hairstyles, Jennifer Aniston has straight hair that is cut to her shoulders. The secret to Aniston’s amazing look is how her hair is cut, and that is that the ends of it are slightly curled in thanks to the layers that the hair is cut into. The whisps of hair can lengthen out the face, and a woman who is 50 or older, is not going to look it with this stylish look.

The pony tail layered look:


Pony tails are often something that people often think that just little girls or teenage girls use. However, pony tails are back now, and they are becoming more popular than over for women over the age of 50. When the shoulder length hair is cut into long layers, sometimes women opt to have bangs, which can really help them look younger. With the pony tail look, the sides of the hair are pulled back out of the woman’s face, and with the addition of the bangs, a woman who is over 50 will not look a day over 30.

The super messy curly layered hairstyle:


For women who have curly hair, a layered cut is the only way to really get control of the curls. However, there is no better way to embrace the curls more than with the super messy curly layered look. When the hair starts to grow out, the curls will return, and just using a little bit of mousse on wet hair, and mussing it with fingers, is going to cause those curls to be a mess. However, the messy look is really in these days, and a woman over 50 will not look it with her mass of curls that are falling all over and giving her a much more youthful appearance.

The sweep away look:


One popular hairstyle for women of any age is the sweep away look. For women with layered hair, they are going to have bangs, and what to do with those bangs can sometimes be a dilemma for women who are trying to style their hair in a new and fashionable way. By parting the hair and sweeping it to one side, a woman can totally change how she looks. A brand new hairstyle can do wonders for a woman’s self-esteem because when she looks in the mirror, she is going to see a whole new woman. By having this great new hairstyle, a woman is going to feel really great about herself because she is going to take years off of her appearance. Another great thing about the sweep away hairstyle is that she can always go from one side of her head to another, and that again will give her a whole new look that everyone is going to see and love as much as she does.

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