Hottest And Latest Men’s Short Haircuts with Bangs Ideas

Typically, bangs are associated with women’s hairstyles than with men. However, in the advent of the thinning line between men’s and women’s hairstyles, the surge of men’s short haircuts with bangs is on the rise. And with the available styling products in the market, these haircuts are easy to style, and appear really fashionable. Maintaining these kinds of haircuts may be more difficult than your regular wash and wear hair, but being able to style short haircuts with bangs properly results in a very sharp presentation, and may add immensely to your confidence.

Most popular types of bangs for men’s short haircuts

1. Side-swept bangs


This type of bangs is very easy to style. While it looks simple, it exudes an essence of coolness. This kind of hairstyle is popular because it works well with any shape of your face. This haircut is similarly easy to maintain. Simply comb this hairstyle and you’re ready to go; there is no need to apply other styling gels or clay. However, if you want to add volume, you may use volumizing mousse, keeping the bangs separate, and adding enough volume to your stylish haircut.

2. Regular bangs


This may also be called straight bangs and this kind of bangs goes straight until a bit above or just reaching the eyebrows. This hairstyle works well with men with oval or square faces. For men with oval faces, this haircut directs attention to the eyes and to the nose. For square-faced men, this hairstyle helps makes the shape of the face pop more, drawing more attention to your eyes and your facial features. Regular bangs is one of the more classic hairstyles, having stood the test of time and are still trendy up to now. It is easy to maintain as well, only requiring it to be trimmed regularly, to keep the hair from blocking your eyes and interfering with your vision.

3. Blunt bangs


This is also called fringe bangs. This is very similar to regular bangs but is cut off just in the middle of the forehead, diverting attention from your forehead to other features of your face. This hairstyle works well with men with long faces, most ideal with men who have oval faces. While this style is easy to maintain, it may be hard to carry this haircut as it only fits a certain face shape. However, this may be a rather rewarding haircut to wear, as being able to wear it properly will make you look fashionable and sharp.

4. Parted bangs


Center-parted bangs work well with men who have round or oval faces. To make this hairstyle work, you must first part your hair such that it complements your face shape. Parting hair in the middle makes you look rather breezy and cool. This haircut works well with different facial shapes: round, oblong, square, and heart. To style this haircut, use a comb instead of a brush to properly part the hair in the direction you want. After combing, you may coat the hair with either styling gel or mousse, to keep the parting in place.

Choosing the type of bangs to fit you

There are many ways to style short haircuts with bangs. You can add color, to add more personalization, or you may go as wild as you want with the cut of your bangs. However, you must choose one that is most appropriate to fit your facial shape and facial features. Choosing the proper kind of style for your face shape may successfully draw attention to the facial features you want to highlight. Choosing the style of bangs may be difficult but being able to style your hair to fit your facial features may be rewarding, as it helps you to be more confident with how you look.

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