Hairstyles for Mature Women with Fine Hair

Women with fine hair are often described as having silky smooth hair, with a beautiful, touchable texture. Fine hair is sometimes confused with thin hair. Fine hair can be thick or thin, but what makes hair fine is the smaller diameter of each hair strand. Beautiful hairstyles for mature women with fine hair take advantage of this delicate texture, making your hair look its best.

Without the right hairstyle, fine hair can look lifeless. Styling fine hair is not difficult with the right products and styling methods. Your fine hair is manageable and malleable, which means that your hair suits many different styles, and with good products, holds them well.
The key for mature women is to adapt a classic style to a more modern look, suited to your face and your lifestyle. As you age, you may begin to see fine lines form around your eyes and mouth, your hair may begin to thin and some gray hairs may start to appear. A good hairstyle will take attention away from these outward signs of aging, and play up your best features.

Mature women with fine hair should look for styles that add volume, and can be worn away from your face. Take into consideration your face shape as well. The right cut will lift your features, helping you appear younger and vibrant.

Best Haircuts for Fine Hair Layered Bob


This modern take on the classic bob gives fine hair more body, and is still a popular and trendy look. It is suitable for most face shapes, and gives your hair an illusion of thickness. Adding soft highlights will also give your hair more movement and add a youthful touch.

Suitable for any age, the layered bob is low maintenance. It’s perfect both for women interested in the latest trends, as well as women who want practically yet classy styles.

This style works well with either straight or wavy hair. You can take advantage of your natural waves by leaving your layered bob tousled and messy. Or you can blow dry your straight layers with a round brush for a more sophisticated style.

Cropped Cut
Cropped cut

The cropped cut is a modern, flirty and feminine short style. It’s a great cut if you don’t have time to style your hair every morning. You can keep your layers subtle and feminine, softening your features and detracting from fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

This style works best for fine hair that is medium or thick. If you have curly hair, you can just wash and go. And women with straight hair can quickly style it with a blow dry and some styling cream.

The cropped cut is longer around the ears than a pixie cut. So you want to be sure to keep your layers back off your face for the most flattering look. If you wear bangs, keep them swept off to one side.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is one of the best hairstyles for fine hair, and is still in fashion for young and older women. This style works well for most face shapes. However, mature women should look for a cut with a softer, more feminine style rather than an edgier look.

The best pixie cuts for mature women add height and are styled off your face. Cuts that are short around the ears, but slightly longer and soft around the rest of your head are most flattering.

All face types are complemented by this type of pixie style. Straight, fine hair that is medium thick works great for this style. This look is easy to fix. Apply some mousse and run your fingers up through your hair as you blow it dry.

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