Hairstyle For Women Over 50 With Fine And Straight hair

Older women may not be aware of all the available Hairstyle For Women Over 50 With Fine And Straight hair. In many cases women will stick to the same old hairstyles that have been worn for years. However, they do not have to! Many of the rules of fashion and style have changed so that women in their 50’s can wear looks that make them look 30. These looks are sometimes inspired by old favorites and even by some new hot trends. In any cases a woman over 50 does not have to settle for “grandma hair” just because of her age.

Fine, Straight Hairstyles For Mature Women

Great Looks For 50 1: Half Up Do


This style is definitely a difficult one to pull off, but is perfect for women with oval shaped faces. The Half Up Do can literally take a decade off of a woman’s look. This youthful hairstyle takes some of the hair and places it up, while allowing the rest of it to dangle down. This hairstyle works because of the bangs that are created which will cover the forehead and take years off the face. A Half Up Do is perfect for a dinner engagement or for a night out on the town.

Great Looks For 50 2: Spikes



Many mature women want to showcase their more rebellious, youthful side. Who wants to get old anyways? Though spikes were thought of as a fashion no-no for many years, in recent times it has it’s place for certain occasions. This hairstyle works awesome with women with square faces and adds a bit of an youthful edge to a woman face. This look definitely comes with a personality all its own! With the right color dye a woman can transform her look and turn back the hands on the clock.

Great Looks For 50 3: Crop Top


Women with long, fine, straight hair can really benefit from shorter hairstyles. One in particular is the crop top style. This style is very good for women that do not want to constant shape and redo their hair. This low maintenance hairstyle is great because it allows a woman to keep her hair gray or add color to it. Either way it will great! Hairstyles like the Crop Top are great for women with square, diamond or ovals faces. The hairstyle will create a more conservative, sophisticated look that will draw attention to the eyes.

Great Looks For 50 4: Short Bob


Why mess with a classic? The Short Bob has been around for decades and has been a staple of mature women hair. The short bob is great for fine hair as it will add more volume to a woman’s look. This can help a woman look younger especially with a little bit of color and some subtle highlights. A woman with a rounded face will benefit from a shoulder length Bob. A woman with a more square face will benefit from a ear length Bob.

Great Looks For 50 5: Soft Curls


Who could forget the anti-aging effects of curls. Curls are worn by girls, young women and even mature women. This looks maintains a woman’s youthful look and presence. This is an especially beneficial hairstyle for women with thin, fine hair. This can add volume to a woman’s hair similar to the short bob. Soft curls do not have the dynamic swoop of regular curls, but still is very attractive on a mature woman’s face. This can help accentuate a woman’s nose, eyes and mouth. Like the Bob, Short.

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