Cute Short Haircuts For Women Over 40

When women go to the beauty parlor to get their hair cut, they are presented with many different options. The weather may have something to do with what women do to their hair, and usually warmer weather means short hair. However, sometimes women over a certain age feel that they are too old to have a really cute short haircut. Styles are changing all of the time, and there is such a thing a cute short haircuts for women over 40. Here are some examples of what a woman over 40 can do to her hair that will prepare her for the warmer spring and summer weather.

Flattering Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

A short pixie cut with volume on top of the head:

Pixie Cut

For a woman fighting time, one way to get a really cute short haircut is to dye her hair blond. The lighter color will bring more light into her features, which is going to literally take 5 to 10 years off of her age. To make that blond hair look even better, a pixie cut is going to mean very short hair. Volume is going to make her face look thinner, so with a round brush and hair spray, the top of the head can be made to look a little on the puffy side, which is going to thin out her cheeks and jaw line.

A shaggy layered bob for a slightly messy look:


A bob that is cut into layers is going to give a woman over 40 a slightly messy look, but actually that is the style these days. The style of the bob is that the back of the hair is longer, but the hair around the top of the head is shorter for that really cool mushroom-style haircut. With a little mousse and her fingers, a woman can fluff out her hair, then let the hairs fall down naturally.

A bob with a 40s twist for a soft look:


The 1940s hairstyles were revolutionary, and sometimes those old fashioned styles can make a modern woman in her 40s look great. To achieve a 1940s style bob, a woman has to leave the front of her hair alone, but have her beautician cut the back of her hair into layers. With the hair being layered, the back of the head is going to be taller than the front. The bangs can also be styled to the side, and with a little hair serum for a slightly shiny look, a woman over 40 is going to have a fashionable hairdo that is going to soften her features and make her look a lot younger than her actual age.

A short haircut with longer hair in the front:

Short bob Cut

For a woman with a busy life, the less time she spends on her hair the quicker she can get out the door of her home. Women usually like to have her hair cut short all around, but that will not make for a unique hairstyle. A new trend for short hair is to cut the back very short, even use a razor to buzz it, but keep the front longer so it can have some volume. The best way for a woman to puff out the front of her hair is to wash her hair, then use the blow dryer to dry her hair, but do it upside down. Gravity can help a woman style her hair, and once her hair is dry, all she needs to do is finish it off with a little hair spray. For a woman who has naturally curly hair, a flat iron can come in handy if there are some hairs that will not cooperate with the hair dryer.

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