Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 45

As you age your hair becomes thinner but it doesn’t mean that you have limited options when it comes to hairstyles because with these curly hairstyles for women over 45, you can look amazing and impress loved ones with a brand new look. When choosing a certain hairstyle, you should consider your facial structure and your personal preference. If you live a hectic life, look for a hairstyle that is low maintenance.

Beautiful and Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 45

Pixie Cuts


If your hair is very short and curly, you can sport a pixie cut because this hairstyle has sophistication and it is simple to maintain. If you want an even bolder approach to your pixie cut, you should have the stylist dye your hair in a dark color to add a little edge to your cut. Those with a rectangular or long face look great with a pixie cut.

Layered Medium Length Styles


This is another neat choice if you are over 45 and the choppy layers give you a more youthful appearance. To maintain this hairstyle you will need to visit the stylist periodically and regular washings also help in keeping the style fresh.

Loose Curls

If you have plenty of curly hair, you can just wear your hair down for a sexy look during the day. Part your hair in the middle then tease the curls slightly until you get the effect you want. You can also add some gel and water to the curls so that they will stay in place and look neat during the day.

Curly Bob

The curly bob is a neat way for curly haired women to wear their hair if it is short or at least chin-length. You will need to re-curl the hair yourself or visit the stylist periodically to maintain the look but overall this hairstyle is not hard to manage and you can add a headband to make it more glamorous with your casual outfits.

Chignon Bun

If you have a mixture of curly and fine hair, this style is a good choice for formal events. To fix this style, you want to put a little styling mouse throughout your hair and then blow dry it. After you complete this step you would pull your hair to the back and put it in a neat bun.

Micro braids and Twists

If you want a more ethnic look, you can wear micro braids or twists. Micro braids are achieved by braiding tiny sections of the hair all over, and if your hair is not long enough, you can have the stylist weave micro braids in your hair. For the twists, you would part your hair in sections and then twist these sections over each other until twists are formed. Both hairstyles are low maintenance.

Wild and Confident

If you have coarse and very curly hair, you can just comb out the hair and wear it in a wild way with some hair accessories in the front or with a headband. Another idea is to braid the front of the hair then let the back of your hair let loose.

Having curly may seem like a curse at times but this is not the case because with curly hair you can create versatile looks on a daily basis. Purchase some hair styling books and read a few DIY curly hairstyles that you can do at home and that are age appropriate, and if you are a busy woman, visit the stylist every few weeks to get new hairstyles that boost your confidence.

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