Cool New Men Hairstyles

There are classic haircuts that stand the test of time, and then there are new hairstyles that spring out every so often, ranging from resurgence of old classics that have been forgotten to new and wild hairstyles, catching attention, and may be interesting conversation starters. Every year, cool new men hairstyles arise, and surely you will find one that fits your style, whatever it is that you do, and whatever hair texture you have.

Some cool new men hairstyles

Slick back hair


Not exactly the newest of hairstyles, but slicked back hairstyle is making a comeback after being almost left in the 1970’s. This hairstyle looks neat, and is fit for more formal settings, making you look extra stylish and rather sharp. Short to medium length hair to create this slicked back hair style. Similar to side swept bangs, hair is parted on the side but the parted hair is then flipped backward. To give that classic wet look, use pomade to style, or add mousse to add volume.

Angular haircut


These textured haircuts add more edge and give a unique character, giving off an alternative vibe to the wearer of this hairstyle. This hairstyle fits well with guys with wavy or thick hair. Angular haircuts work well with men whose face shape is rather square-like. With the edgy hairstyle, this cut softens the other features of the face. To style this hair, use wax or clay to add volume. Add bangs to hide receding hairlines, and to hide larger foreheads.

Undercut hair


Similar to a Mohawk, undercut hair is maintained by keeping the sides of the hair cut close, almost to the skin, while keeping the top, giving off a clean and chill look. This hairstyle works well on men with rather thick hair. To keep this hairstyle, add styling wax, or volumizing mousse to keep the coiffeur of the top part of the hair interesting and well-kept.

Rock star hair


This hair style works at various lengths, from short lengths to longer lengths. This style adds a lot of texture and volume, thus adding further character to your style. This works best with oval faced men, but works similarly better with faces of other shapes: round, long, and square.

Choosing what hairstyle to go for

The range of available new hairstyles range from the tame and classic-looking, like the slick back hairstyle, to the wilder and edgier indie rock star hair styles and the undercut. While you may go with whatever hairstyle that you choose, it is important to find the style that will complement your face shape. You may want to accentuate other features of your hair, as in your eyes, nose, and jaw shape. Being able to balance the angles on your faces, and the layers and waves of your hair is an art, but doing so may further accent your facial features, making you look better.

It is important as well to choose a style that works with your hair texture. Admittedly, we all don’t have similar hair. Our hair textures range from silky smooth to really frizzy hair. It is essential that you should style your hair in accordance to its texture. With the availability of various styling and other hair products, you can further style your hair to your liking, and control your hair texture to an extent.

It is important that you choose a hairstyle that directs attention to the things that you like in your face, and in your other features. The hairstyle you choose should bring out the best in you, making you exude confidence, and make you feel really comfortable and attractive. Regardless of what hairstyle you choose, it is how you carry it that is most important.

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