Updo Hairstyles for Women Over 50

There are so many updo hairstyles for women over 50, yet somehow, everyone struggles to find the right one for them. You want a hairstyle that is elegant and beautiful, that will accentuate the right places and cover the problem areas (if you have any), and will make you look younger and full of youth. This is something that can absolutely be achieved with an up-do, but you have to know which one to choose. There are tons of different options for up-do hairstyles, especially for women that are over fifty years old—here are a few of some of the most popular and easy to achieve hairstyles.

Up-dos for Women Over Age 50

You have a lot of different options, but some of the most popular are a relaxed ponytail, a modern beehive, or an elegant side-bun. These will all make you look younger and are a beautiful; as an added bonus, they’re all very easy to pull off.

A Relaxed Ponytail

Updo Hairstyles for Women Over 50

This is a great style for you if you have long hair. Unfortunately, it will only work if you have long hair, but if you can pull it off, it will look great. Many people say that ponytails are too simple or are overdone, but this style will prove them all wrong. Simply pull your hair into a loose ponytail; you can choose to have either a high or low ponytail. Make sure that it is loose enough to add volume to your roots. You can choose to curl the hair that remains outside the ponytail if you’d like, for some added elegance.

A Modern Beehive

A Modern Beehive

Beehives might have gone out of style a long time, but they are definitely making a comeback, in a more modern way. When you create your beehive, tease it out softly to create soft edges. Leave it loose so that it looks more elegant and effortless. You don’t want a beehive that is tight or slick—ease is what’s in, and if you put too much effort into it, you wind up looking overdone and older than you actually are.

An Elegant Side-Bun

Elegant Side-Bun

Regardless of the length of your hair, this is a style that will work for you. While you may not have enough hair to create a bun, you can create other styles. However, this style works best if you sweep your hair off to the side, parting your hair very far off, rather than in the middle. Sweep it forward over your face and to the side and gather your hair off to the side. You can form a bun or choose to do something completely different. It is entirely up to you, but side looks are very popular.

You can have a great and elegant hairstyle without too much effort or hassle, and they look great and add youth to your style. You should, however, try to avoid hairstyles that look too restricted or sharply edged. Softer looks and curls as well as loose styles are what are popular at the moment, and they will make you look younger and effortless, rather than severe and unstylish. One day when you have a chance, try playing around with your hairstyle and experiment with several different up-dos that interest you. Sometimes it is much easier to judge what works with your hair if you wear it for a little while and look at it yourself, rather than just seeing pictures in a magazine. When you find the perfect up-do hairstyle, you will know. These styles take years off of your appearance, are elegant and beautiful, and are sure to catch everyone’s attention.