Short Hairstyles for Older Black Women

There are plenty of short hairstyles for older black women that can help you look your best. African American women can have specific challenges with their hair. And the same is true for older women. Older black women tend to have hair that is coarse and curly, thinning, and drier than that of younger women.

Just because you are older doesn’t mean you can’t have a hairstyle that is sexy, cute and extremely feminine. You need to pick a style that will fit you, your hair texture and your personality. The goal is to look youthful, without trying to look a lot younger.

Don’t forget to keep your short hairstyle in condition, especially if you are using relaxer or heat drying. Make sure you keep your scalp clean, and moisturize your hair regularly.

Short hairstyles are easy to keep neat, and can still give you a lot of styling options. It only takes a few minutes to sweep your hair to one side, try a tousled look, or sleek it back with some styling gel. But depending on how fast your hair grows, your style can get out of shape quickly. Plan on getting your hair shaped and trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women



A short, wedge haircut is easy to take care of, and quite flattering on older African American women. In this style, your hair is worn short on the sides and in the back, with the back forming a wedge. The top and front should be worn off the face.

No relaxer is needed with this style. It works great with natural, curly hair. And it’s easy to style just using a styling cream and hair gel.



This popular classic hairstyle is very flattering for older African American women. With relaxer, or naturally curly, a bob that comes just below the ears will suit all face shapes and hair types. Add layers through your hair to give volume and movement. And avoid using too many styling products that may make your hair look stiff.

You can even make your bob a couple of inches shorter in the back, leaving the front longer, for a modern take on this classic style. This can give you an instant face lift! You can add wispy bangs for a sexier look, or you can go without any bangs at all.



If you want a chopped look with a relaxer, a tapered cut is perfect for you. This short, sexy style makes textured hair look polished, but fun. This hairstyle doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but you will still need to get your look trimmed and shaped every 4-6 weeks.

You can have your stylist cut the sides and back of your hair in short layers. You can even have them shaven down. The top layers should be 2-3 inches long, or at least long enough to use a mini curling iron.

For a casual look, just blow dry and go, leaving your layers softly messy. Or you can sleek it down for a more sophisticated look.

Short and Choppy


This easy to maintain style is best for curly hair. Keep your hair length below the ears, and add in some layers for movement. Your layers should be 1-2 inches long. This short and fun style lets you blow dry your hair and go, with little maintenance.

Best suited for a casual look, this style is great for the older woman who is on the go. Adding some blond tone adds a unique and trendy vibe to this style.