Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 with Thick Hair

Long hair is so very difficult to maintain, and most women, as they age, choose to chop it all off and eliminate all of that extra time and work. Short hair is hot hair, and it looks good on most any woman. It is also far easier to maintain, with just as many fun and elegant styles available to accommodate all women. Here we will look at some of the best short hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair.

Thick Short Hair Challenges

Although short hair looks good, there are also some challenges found when you have thick hair. So often women with thick hair cite that their short styles end up poofing out and look like something that an alien styled! Rather than think that your thick hair is a disadvantage, embrace it. Some women would die to have thick hair, so enjoy what you’ve been blessed with because there’s still plenty that you can do with it.

The Bob Look

Bob Look

One short hairstyle that eliminates the frizzy puffy look is the bob style haircut. A bob looks amazing on mature women with thick hair. It draws attention away from the hair and onto the face, and there are a number of ways that you can make a bob unique to your style, including with layers to add volume and health. Do you want to add accent with bangs? This is a possibility, too.

Layered Sides


Why not consider a short cut on top with long sides that you’ve layered? There are several ways that you can use this look, and since it is very versatile you can change it up whenever you want something new and fresh.

Brushed Back


The brushed back look is not one for everyone, although the sophisticated over-50 women will certainly enjoy this stylish look. It is different so you can always count on being unique as you want to be. Again this is a hairstyle with unlimited possibilities.

Curly Kinks


Women with wavy hair often find their hairstyles enhances when a bit of curl is added. You should also consider this option. With the right curls you can certainly achieve a cute look that will turn heads.

How to Choose Short Hairstyles

The three mentioned above hairstyles only begin to entail the many different hairstyles available to create. But not all hairstyles are right for every woman, so how can you choose which is best for you?

Triangle and oval-shaped faces are best suited for short hairstyles, but this doesn’t mean that other women cannot easily pull off the short styles, too, as long as the right one has been chosen. You definitely want to keep the shape of your face in mind as you sort through the various styles and options for short hair.

There are a number of image producers that can help you learn how you would look with a particular type of hair. These are so very fun to use and are pretty accurate in most cases. Before you chop it all off, consider using one of these image machines.

Also keep in mind just how short you want to go. There are tons of lengths considered to be ‘short’ and you must decide how short you want to go. Some women choose shoulder length while others choose to go even shorter. It is all up to you.

The Bottom Line

Women over 50 with thick hair have many options in styles available to them. These short styles look simply amazing and add elegance to your look. Consider which styles are most flattering to your needs and find the look that you love!