Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 40

What hairstyle looks best on you? If you’re carrying around a little extra weight, choosing the right hairstyle requires a little more effort that what would be needed for the ‘skinny’ crowd. However, sorting through the various hairstyles is all a part of the fun, and when this is a step that you take there isn’t a question you will have the perfect hairstyle that does for you all that you want and more. Many women over the age of 40 want a hassle-free, mature hairstyle that is easy to care for any day of the week. Short hairstyles for overweight women over 40 are out there, and these amazing styles are sure to please.

What are Some of the best Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women over 40?

There are so many different short hairstyles that will help overweight women achieve a slimmer appearance and an outstanding look. Here are a few favorites.

Short Bob:

Short Bob

A short bob has been a fashionable hairstyle for many years. While it was once a straight, sleek look, it has now been turned around and upside down and there are many ways to turn the bob into your own unique creation. The bob surrounds the face, which helps thin it out. Any time of the year, no matter the season, the short bob is flattering to your style.

Curly Bob:

Curly Bob

Another variation of the bob, the curly bob adds volume to the hair. Curls should extend outward from the face so to draw attention away.

The Flip:


Many celebrities have worn the Flip hairstyle. There are many different types of flip hairstyles. They’re simple to maintain as well as to achieve, and you can choose just how short you want to go. What makes this hairstyle so special is that the ends of the hair are curled so to flip up, giving a whole new look to your ‘do. For overweight women, selecting a mid-shoulder length flip will provide many enjoyable characteristics to your look.

The Pixie:


The Pixie cut is another long-lived cut that adds maturity and style to your look. Women over 40 enjoy it as do ladies of a younger age.

These are among the most popular styles of short hair out there. It is certainly far from the many short hairstyles that flatter larger women.

How to Find the Perfect Hairstyle for Overweight Women

The most important thing that you should remember when choosing your hairstyle is that it should be something that you like. It is you that will be looking in the mirror at yourself every day, so you must like what you see to pull the hairstyle off. Confidence really goes a long way.

A few things that you can use to help:

Celebrity Hairstyles:  Is there an overweight celebrity that you enjoy? Whether it is a singer or an actress, she may be able to provide the inspiration for your new hairstyle. It never hurts to look at what you can find.

Style Books: These are the books you see when you visit the stylist. They contain many different images of short (and long for that matter) styles that make it easy to get just what you want when you have your hair cut.

Computerized Makeover: A computerized makeover can be conducted at the stylist shop and online as well. There may be fees associated with this, but it is really fun and almost guarantees that you get the hairstyle that you love. This tool lets you look at your photo with several different hairstyles. How fun!

Choosing a short hairstyle can be a lot of fun. Make sure that you look at several styles and use as many tools to find the best looks that may be perfect for you.