Short Hairstyles For Heavy Women Over 40

Short Hairstyles for Heavy Women over 40 provide sophisticated looks for the mature woman while also helping to minimize her size. Many different hairstyles for heavier women are available. Most women over the age of 40 choose short hair because it is so much easier to care for. Usually it is as simple as washing and combing and being ready for the day. Short hair, on the overweight woman, also helps slim the face and provide a slimmer appearance. This can help any woman gain more confidence and feel her best day in and day out.

What are the best Short Hairstyles for Heavy Women over 40?

There are so many short hairstyles to choose from every woman can easily find the look that she is after. These short styles are among the most popular of all time.

The Bob:


The Bob is a classic short style. There are a number of variations of the bob and that makes it great. It can curve to the chin, fall down in layers, or be layered throughout your hair, for example. Bobs keep the focus away from the face and are so easy to care for.



There are many variations in layers that work quite well for overweight women. These layered looks give you more freedom since you are not chopping off as much hair.

Curls: Not all women can pull of curls so be sure that you can before attempting this one!



Bangs, or no bangs, what will it be? Although bangs were once out of style, that is no longer the case. Bangs are back and they’re better than ever. Adding them to your short hairstyle can enhance your look and help you

These are just some of the many styles that are perfect for the heavier woman over the age of 40. These styles have been worn by many women and they’re great for all occasions, any time of the year. Each of these styles brings with it unique charm and you will love how amazing you feel. Now the only hard part is to determine which of the many styles you would like the most.

Choosing your Style

Although you want to choose a hairstyle that you like, also keep in mind a few other factors as well. Your face shape is one of those factors. Each face shape is unique and has different characteristics, meaning that different hairstyles look different on each person. You should always take into consideration the shape of your face when selecting the short ‘do right for you.

Talk with your stylist concerning the most appropriate short styles for your face and body type. She is the expert in styles, after all, and can probably provide you with some really outstanding advice and an amazing haircut.

Consider using those computer generated images to see how you will look with a particular hairstyle before you actually chop anything off. These things are a lot of fun and save you from bad haircut disaster. You can’t go back after all the hair you whack, so don’t take any chances.

A short hairstyle can do all of these amazing things for you and it can also make you look younger. This can happen only when you’ve chosen the right style, so this is another reason to take the time to look over the many styles before making your selection. If you think that you could get used to hearing things like ‘wow you look so young’ and ‘you look so good for your age’ it is the short hairstyle, and the right short hairstyle, that you want.