Short Hair Styles for Fat Women with Curly Hair

Being a plus sized woman in today’s world can be tough, especially with the way today’s media is about being skinny. Sometimes, all it takes is a great haircut to keep you feeling great, but if you have curly hair, you might run into some problems. It’s hard to find the right cut for curly hair and a heavier body, but it is absolutely possible. So, what are good short hair styles for fat women with curly hair? We’re here to answer that question and help you to find the style that you’re looking for. Here are a few tips and suggestions, as well as advice that can help you find the perfect cut.

Short Hair Styles for Fat Women with Curly Hair


When you’re overweight, you have plenty of things that are always bringing you down—that is why you should keep your hair short and light. Use your naturally curly hair to get some volume. To add height to your hair brings attention away from the problem areas of your face and body and can help you look taller and thinner. That’s something that we all want.

Try shoulder length hair for a slightly longer-haired style. This still falls into the “short hair” category, but it can be a better, more gradual step to getting there for people who aren’t ready to lose their locks. It can be a lot easier for women to go shoulder length than chin length, and it still gives the flattering effect of short hair without being too dramatic.

How to Judge Whether or Not the Style is Right for You

For many women, it is hard to get an idea of how the style is working for your body. It happens all too often that a woman sees her body and gets the wrong impression, thinking the opposite of what is true. For example, you might think that your bob is the perfect cut, only to realize a few photographs too late that it is not. That is why you should always get someone else’s opinion before finalizing anything or keeping a hairstyle too long. You can ask your stylist for their opinion before they make the cut, or you can talk to your friends and family. Don’t bother going to people who may not be honest—you want to know if you look good or not, so find someone who will be painfully but politely honest.

A Few Other Things to Do for Your Do

1. Try adding some naturally colored highlights. Even if you don’t dye your hair, getting a bit of light in your hair will help to brighten your face. It will also make you appear taller and leaner.

2. Use lots of layers. Layers soften your face and cut out the chunkier parts that you don’t want to be noticed. This will add even more depth and spring to your curly hair.

3. You might want to consider a bang. This can be a good choice and can make your face look slimmer, but you should be careful not to get a straight cut bang. Go for something side-swept and fringed or feathered to take away from sharp angles that would be unflattering.

4. After you have had your hair cut, you should try to arrange your curls in a more flattering way. Having naturally curly hair can be a blessing because the curls, when placed properly, can take away from any pudginess in your face. Try arranging them at your cheeks and around your face in any problem areas that you feel should be covered—the curl of your hair will draw the eye away from anything that you don’t want seen and create a beautiful, elegant appearance.