Micro braided hair styles for black women

Micro braids are one the most popular types of hairstyle amongst black women. They are not only fun, but also can look good on each type of dressing – casual or no. The micro braids are built with the hair while it is hanging down. Many prefer them to start from the root and to continue to the very end, but there are some nice versions where the braids are up to half of the tufts and the next half is combed and hangs freely. Nevertheless, here are some micro braided hair styles for black women.

Cool hairstyles for black women



Cornrows are very popular – they are made with the whole hair and are usually swung backwards from the forehead towards the back of the head and the neck. This usually includes the hair on the sides of the head, but there is version where only the top is included in the haircut. An option is also to make a big French braid out of all these micro braids.

The cornrows are renowned for their ability to be stable in many shapes. This allows you to experiment as much as you want. It looks especially interesting if you make zigzag shapes and dye your hair in different colors, so that everything looks like an abstract picture. This gives to the whole hairstyle a rather rebellious look, which is not appropriate for official meetings. If this is the case it is preferred to just go with a French braid, built with the cornrows.

Wavy braids


It is preferable to have a somewhat thick hair in order to do this hairstyle properly. The tufts you make should be not only be a lot, but also dense. Before starting rub some volume enhancer in your hair and brush it against its natural direction. Than make sections and entangle them into braids from the middle of the tuft until the end. The other part has to be combed with a brush to increase the volume and achieve the wavy effect. And the last part – the way the micro braids are arranged – depends entirely on you. You can form bigger braids for them, or put them in some sort of shapes – feel free to experiment the right style for you.

The band


This one is particularly appropriate for classier occasions. Start by drying your hair and make several sections from the top of your head. Make them in small braids and start connecting them, tying each one to the next until you have one long, thin braid, going above your forehead. You can let the fringe hang freely. Another version is to continue with making braids and comb them backwards towards the neck, while the headband stays. Also some zigzag shapes may look fun. If there is hair that points out of the whole construction you can use a curling iron but try not to put it on high temperature.

The big French braid


Section your hair, make micro braids but leave the middle of your hair. Make from it one big French braid and tuck the micro ones in it starting from the top until the neck. This hairstyle can be done only on heads with long hair. It can become a real art to arrange the braids in the appropriate way, but if you have time you can experiment as much as you want. If you have any hair not tuck in the construction – like the fringe – you can either let it hang or turn it around and tuck it in the braid as well. It is a complicated, yet very interesting hairstyle.