Long Hairstyles for Older women with Fine Hair

Mature women with fine hair should look for styles that add volume, and can be worn away from your face. Most hairstylists will advise against long hairstyles for older women with fine hair, in favor of short or medium length styles. It’s much easier to add volume to a shorter style, than your long beautiful hair.

Fine hair can look lifeless and flat without the right hairstyle. And older women need to make sure that whatever hairstyle is chosen distracts from any outward signs of aging, taking attention away from fine lines around the eyes, or camouflaging thinning hair.

If you want to keep your hair longer than your collarbone, you should consider these tips:

Layers: If your hair is thick, layers will add movement and body. However, if your hair is thin, you will want to limit your layers to some angled pieces around your face.

Extensions: These have become more popular and accessible in recent years, and can add thickness and body to your natural hair.

Curls: Taking advantage of your natural curls, or adding curls with heat styling tools will add volume to fine hair.

Hair Parts: A middle part can be severe, and make your hair look thinner. A zigzag part or a side part will be more flattering to your style.

Styling Products: The right products will add movement and body to fine hair. Avoid heavier gels and sprays which will be too heavy for your hair, and look for volumizers and curl enhancers.

Healthy long hair looks great whether your hair is fine or coarse, wavy or straight. Be sure to choose the option that works best for your face shape and lifestyle.

Long Hairstyles for Fine Hair



Long hair parted down the middle is a great choice for almost all face types. If your hair is thinning, you may want to switch out the center part with a side or zig zag part.

This style came to popularity in the 60’s and remains a timeless look even today. The classic style is typically for straight hair. However, waves or curls will add some body and volume to this look.

Long Layers


Layered hair is one of the best styles for fine hair, and is good for all face shapes. This can work well for straight or curly hair. A long length layered style can give you a fun daytime style, and still transition into an updo or French braid for an evening look.

This is a great look for wavy or curly hair, giving you a tousled, messy look that is fashionable today. And your curls give you the extra volume that fine hair needs to avoid looking flat and lifeless.

If your hair is straight, you can still make this style work for you. Lightly tease your hair at the scalp to add volume, and use a flat iron to flick out the ends of your layers. Side swept bangs that work into your layers complete this trendy style. Your hair will have bounce, and frame your face beautifully.

Face Framing Layers


Angled layers framing your face is the perfect style for an older woman with fine hair. Angled haircuts give movement and body without looking messy. And the layers around your face add a soft, feminine touch to your look.

If your hair is very fine and thin, avoid adding too many layers. Adding bangs will help soften your style as well. Avoid blunt bangs, and for straight bangs, let them fall softly at your forehead. Or long side-swept bangs can work into your layers.