Long Hairstyles for Women Over 45

Conventional wisdom states that women over 45 should have mid-to-short length hair. But in this day and age, long hairstyles for women over 45 are sexy and fashionable. Long hair can work for you if it is healthy, and you keep your cut updated and in shape.

You should keep the length somewhere between the collarbone and your cleavage. And remember that regular trims and conditioning are essential to keep your long hair healthy. Hormonal changes, and years of heat styling contribute to thinning hair, a receding hairline and broken wisps around your face.
Long hair lets you show off your color and highlights, you don’t need to wash/style it every day, and it’s sexy. But you need to keep the proportions right. If you are petite, your hair should not be much longer than your collarbone.

Long hair requires less daily style maintenance. You can always pull it into a ponytail or a quick up-do when you don’t have time to fully dry and style your hair. However there is some regular care needed to keep long hair full and healthy looking.
Daily shampoos are not recommended or needed for long hair. Shampoos and blow-outs dry your hair and strip color. You can try a hair refresher in between shampoos if you find your scalp feels greasy.

If you color and heat-style, use extra-moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. There are many products available for color-treated hair. And if you use a flat iron, use a heat-protecting spray or cream first.

Superb Hairstyles For Women Over 45

Long and Straight


A great look for women over 45 is long, straight hair, two or three inches past the shoulders. This is best for women with naturally straight hair, since daily heat styling will damage your hair. This is a versatile style, allowing you to wear it down, or put it into a sophisticated up-do. And you can always add a headband or decorative hair clips.

A center part with no bangs is a sleek, classic look for long, straight hair. Adding bangs or a side part adds instant style, and keeps some softness around the face even when your hair is pulled back. A low sleek ponytail is a sophisticated look, and easy to achieve with long, straight hair.


Cutting long, face-framing pieces into your hair adds softness and flatters your features and jawline. Layers are good for any face shape, whether your hair is straight or curly and adds an element of playfulness. And if your hair is thin, layers add some volume and movement.

Layered hair can be very flattering to a more mature face. It makes those fine lines less noticeable, and gives a subtle life to your face. Make sure you keep your layers long, so that you can still pull your hair back when needed. Layers work in well with longer, side-swept bangs, or with no bangs at all.

Long and curly
Long and curly

If you have naturally curly hair, consider wearing it two or three inches past your shoulders. This keeps it long enough to be sexy, but short enough that the weight of your long hair doesn’t pull the curl out.

A slightly messy, of-center part will look great, and if you are coloring your hair, help camouflage your roots. The key to keeping long curly hair looking great is regular cuts. Otherwise, it grows out of shape, and becomes messy and difficult to manage.

This flexible style looks great worn down, pulled back or put up for those special occasions. You may need to add a smoothing serum to tame any frizzy, flyaway hair.