Long Dreadlock Styles for Women

So you’re growing your dreads out long and you’re wondering if you have made a commitment to a set style without any creativity. Well, rest assured that there is limitless creativity when it come to long dreads. Take a look on the web just for a moment and you’ll find a wealth of ideas to show your style with your dreads. Long dreadlocks styles for women are so wide and vast you’ll have no problem finding different ideas to try depending on your style or even your mood. Here we’ll take a look at some popular styles to inspire you to try something new!

Women Dreadlocks Styles

Up-Dos –


If you have long dreadlocks then you have an endless amount of styles available. Some of the up-dos have so much creativity and flair that it truly is a work of art in itself. Hair up and high in curls, beehive type styles, and beautiful sweeps can make a very beautiful hairstyle.

Twists and Braids –


Braids, twists and rolls that bring the dreads up and away make a very glamorous look as well. Some examples include braids with items like jewels and shells woven into the braids; fishtail braids take on a whole new look when made with dreadlocks. There are so many styles and ideas for this long dreadlocks style that your imagination can run wild with the creativity you can express with your hair.

Buns –

The bun hairstyle

Buns on the top of the head or at the nape of the neck are also in vogue for dreadlocks and non-dreads alike. The pouf bun is seen a lot these days.

Ponytails –


Ponytails with dreadlocks can go from a simple pulled back style to more elaborate displays with portions of hair twisted over to hide the hair elastics and items used to keep the ponytail together. Braids incorporated on the top of the head then left flowing for a ponytail at the nape of the neck can be spectacular as well.

Mohawks –


Dreads can be braided and weaved toward the center and then given volume and height to make a Mohawk along the center of the head.

Curls –


Curls can add a touch of softness to a up-do or a hair down hairstyle. It brings a sense of femininity and romance to the hairstyle.

There are so many styles for long dreadlocks, do some research, talk to your loctician, and have fun with your natural hair! Remember the foundation of a beautiful hairstyle is the health and integrity of the hair that is used in the style. Read on for some tips on keeping long dreads healthy and beautiful.

Keeping Long Locks Healthy

Healthy hair makes beautiful hairstyles and with long dreadlocks a good beauty routine for your hair is a must. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your natural hair stays long and lovely.

Find someone you trust :– Make sure you have a loctician that you can trust and go to for questions and advice as you start your dreads and maintain them.

Clean hair is best :-There are myths out there that say that the best dreads are those that aren’t clean. That is so not true! The cleaner the locks the sleeker and more beautiful they become. Although everyday cleaning isn’t needed, a routine of ever other week or so seems to be the standard advice out there. UNLESS you are just starting to grow your locks. Then clean once a month for the first couple months while they establish.

A good night routine is a must :-At night, make sure that you wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf or use a pillowcase made of those materials to avoid breakage, keep moisture in your dreads, and to avoid lint collecting in them.

There are so many good tips out there for taking care of your dreads. Keep these in mind, be patient, and stay vigilant with your hair beauty routine. You’ll get the long locks you dream of and be able to make styles that will “wow”!