Latest Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Braided hairstyles never get too old or go out of fashion. The latest braided hairstyles for black women suit all occasions, formal and informal. Many styles are simple, yet sophisticated and make you look absolutely amazing.

Whether you have short or long hair, braided hair can look chic, ethnic and modern. Braids can be amazingly versatile. They can be tied up into a braided pony tail. Or left loose to cascade over your shoulders. They can go well with party wear, or with jeans.

While braids are a great low-maintenance hairstyle, it’s important to keep your hair clean and moisturized while braided. To wash braided hair, add diluted shampoo to a spray bottle and spritz your scalp and braids. Leave the shampoo in for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. After washing, run a light oil, such as coconut oil, down the length of each braid to seal in moisture. And make sure to cover your braids with a satin scarf or bonnet when you go to bed!

Trendsetting Braided Hairstyles

The Mohawk


The Mohawk hairstyle, with braided cornrows is a bold and dramatic hairstyle. It features cornrows on each side of the head, often in a pattern, and a natural afro in the center from crown to nape.

This style is best suited to younger women, especially if the ends are treated with color like cherry or orange.



This is the classic braided hairstyle for black women, and it never goes out of fashion. These miniature French braids can be created in a variety of patterns, like zig zags or swirls, or straight cornrows.

Cornrows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained properly, but if they are worn too tight or left in too long, they can cause hair loss.

Twist Braids


These are easy to do, and can be done using only your own hair. Twist braids are created by taking two pieces of hair and twisting them together. If you have long or thick hair, this style will look great on you!

The ends of this hairstyle are locked into place using a decorative clip or band. You can style this yourself at home, and when it is untwisted it creates another hairstyle.

Partial Braids


This is a very chic look, and is also known as Tree Braiding. This style combines the convenience of cornrows with the look of free flowing hair. It uses simple cornrows going straight back, and then uses extensions that are left out of the braid.

These braids will last two to three months with proper care, and can be done on natural or relaxed hair.

Micro Braids


These differ from cornrows in that they are not braided to your head. Micro braids are individual braids, and are done as your hair hangs, from root to end. You can then pull the braids into a ponytail or an updo for a fun look. Or you can leave them cascading down around your shoulders.

It can take several hours for your hair stylist to complete your micro braids. But once done, you can leave them in for six to eight weeks.

Box Braids


Box braids are similar to micro braids. The main difference is that box braids are thicker and have extensions braided into your hair. The result is beautiful, thick, waist length braids that can be worn lose or piled high on your head for an elegant look.

An important consideration in getting box braids is the current condition of your hair. When you add additional hair to already weak or brittle hair, you can cause further damage.