Hairstyles For Women Over 80

In past decades when a woman reached her 80’s there it was popular belief that there were only a few hairstyles that they could wear. Well, these old rules do not apply in today’s fashionably forward society. A woman in her 80’s can enjoy a few great hair styling options that will make them look and feel young again. Hairstyle options have progressed and women can now dye their hair any color that they please. Hairstyles for women 80, are incredibly diverse and offer few options.

Hairstyle Options For Women in their 80’s

The Medium Cut


Women in their 80’s were typically forbidden to wear their hair past their ears. In current times women wear their hair as long as they want to. Women in their 80’s can enjoy a shoulder length haircut with highlights. These highlights will change their hairstyle into a eye catching display. Highlights will also take some of the age off of a woman’s face. In many cases a woman will make use of a unkempt , but shorten look. This hairstyle is great for women that have a square or diamond shaped face. It will take the focus off of the chin and place it upon the eyes and hair.

The Short Bob
Short Bob

The short Bob incorporates a favorite of many actresses. The Bob is perfect for women with rounded faces, especially if the woman has thick hair. Women with thick, full hair can easily create a more full bodied look with the help of a short Bob. The Short Bob can be highlighted or it can have a few blonde or brunette streaks in it as well. These streaks can take years off of a woman’s face. Women with a oval shape may decide to go for a regular length Bob cut, for the same effect.

The Crop Top

Some women may want to continue the old tradition of cutting their hair in their 80’s. In cases like this the Crop Top is incredibly effective as it is easy to maintain. This low maintenance haircut means that a woman can spend less time in the bathroom and more time enjoying her life. The Crop Top can be left gray for a more sophisticated look or dyed another color for a younger look. The Crop Top implements a few different layers of hair. This will help a woman stand out and can make her a real head turner.

Swept Bangs Look

Most hairstyles worn by women in their 80’s are neck length or higher. This can be accentuated with bangs. The benefit of bangs is that they cover areas of the face that may be covered with wrinkles. This means that a woman can look decades younger with the help of these Bangs. Bangs also can be highlighted to make a woman’s hair stand out more. These Bangs look even better with a part and two separate layers. This can make a woman look very sophisticated and distinct.

Layered Bob

This type of Bob is a very short version of the Bob. The Layered Bob makes use of a variety of different layers that add some variety to a woman’s look. For women with diamond or square faces the hairstyle will provide you with a distinctive look. This incredibly short hairstyle gives a woman a very rebellious look that subtracts years from a woman. To give this look a even more distinctive look, a woman can add a few highlights to their hair.