Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair for Women Over 60

It’s very important for women to maintain a good appearance at all times. It’s just the natural order of things. We get a good confidence boost just by looking at ourselves in the mirror and think along the lines of “wow, don’t I look good?” It all starts with the hairstyle. No matter what age you are, pay a lot of attention to your hair. It is wrong to think that just because you’re over 60 and already have a good family, you don’t need to put effort into looking good. I’ve got several hairstyles for thin fine hair for women over 60 you might want to try out. Read on and find out what’s best for you.

Style Goals

Before discussing the different hairstyles, it is essential that you learn the bases on how the hairstyles are chosen. Having thin hair limits the options for styling. Since aged women are expected to look sophisticated, you need to go for looks that are simple yet stunning. You need to keep in mind the following three points:

    1. Volume – Having thin hair says it all. You need a style that would make you have more hair density. But this doesn’t mean that you need extensions or implants. There’s a simple haircut trick that can make this goal possible.
    2. Color – You might be having second thoughts about adding another color to your hair because of various rumors about hair damage. Don’t fret, as long as you go to a trusted salon, the possibilities of hair mishaps is very low.
    3. Length – Different people have different preferences with hair length; but, you should open your mind to possibilities. Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone a bit for the sake of beauty.

Recommended Hairstyle Options

Bob Cut


Everyone knows the bob cut. It’s been around for ages and it’s still rocking the fashion scene with its dynamic style. You just need to chop up your hair until its edges are in-line with the upper back of your neck. No complicated tricks involved. It’s just a simple trim.

The good thing about this style is that it’s easy to manage. If you feel like your hairs messy, just simply comb it with your fingers. If you’re the type who takes a grooming kit along, use a brush to put it back into place.

Shaggy Cut

Shaggy Cut

This cut can be applied to all types of hair length, including boy cuts. For old women, going for a shorter length is better since it’s much easier to manage. However, you can also have it long – a few inches below the shoulders just above the middle part of the back.

You’ll need to explore color options for this style. Since the main goal is to add more volume, it best to have a faded color pattern starting from the top to the edges of the hair. For women over 60, it’s best to stick to natural colors. Simplicity is the true meaning of elegance.

Shaggy Perm


The curls you should aim to achieve in this style are like telephone cords. You can have it short or medium length. Long hair lengths are forbidden. If you decide to have it short, make the curls smaller as well. Do the opposite if you want it long. This is the best hairstyle for increasing hair volume.

For the color, you can settle with your natural one since it’s pretty bold as it is already. But if you want to take the styling further, go for colors that are similar to your skin tone. This is because using a color that’s too different would make the gaps between your hair strands obvious.