Braided Hairstyles for Kids with Curly Hair

Braiding your children’s hair is a stylish way to keep their hair intact and neat throughout the day. Because children are proactive, they tend to get into all sorts of situations wherein they never come back unscathed. Preparing children to school would most likely be the most difficult part of any mother’s day since you have to think of how to fix their hair and prepare the lunchboxes. For all you moms out there who want to give your child a braid makeover, try these braided hairstyles for kids with curly hair and send your children to school with a smile.

Braiding Preparations

Before doing the braiding, you need to prepare the hair and your child. First, untangle the hair as much as you can. Curly hair can be stubborn but it will get easier to manage once you untangle the most part. Make sure that the tips are not knotted since it can interrupt the braiding process. After doing this, prepare a position in which your child would be comfortable doing for a while. Depending on the style you intend to do, she would be maintaining the same position for at least 15 minutes.

Braided Hairstyles Recommended for Youngsters

English Braids


This is the common style wherein you braid three strands of hair into one coordinated knot. You can make a variety of designs for this style. You can choose to make a few small braids on one side of the hair or turn the entire hair into small braids. You can also tie the hair into a ponytail and braid the tail into one or multiple strands. This is best for people who are in a hurry since it is the least complicated one to do.

Dutch Braid


This hairstyle makes use of your knowledge on doing French braids. This is a more complicated version of the English braid wherein you gradually add hair on each strand of the braid until no hair is left or the end goal has been reached. In the Dutch braid, you make a French braid on each side of the head and join them together at the back part. Most would end it with a tie just on the junction of the two strands. However, there are some who join them together and tie the tips.

Cornrow Braid


This style literally makes the head look like a corn. The French braid is still used in this style but more braids are done instead of just two. The normal style would start the braid from the hairline and back until the tips of the hair. This is done to all the hair. Make sure to make the sizes as identical as possible. Also, make the same number of rows in the left and right side of the hair. This is a stylish version of letting the hair down.

Crown Braid


This hairstyle is another application of the basic French braid with the addition of the English braid. The main goal is to braid the hair into a circular motion in order to create a crown. You can start at the nape and braid clockwise until you reach the starting point again. First, you make one or two thin English braids like pencils. Then, start the French braid from the nape and joining the English braids on the way. You will arrive at a crown with a small braid winding around.

Cornrow Up Do


This is a variation of the traditional hair bun. You start by making the cornrows. However, instead of going downward till the tips, end the cornrows around the middle part. By doing this, you would have untouched hair under the crown or across the nape. Braid it starting from the nape hairline. Gently put everything together and make a bun.