Best Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Are you having problems in finding a hairstyle that suits you? It definitely is a mind-boggling task to find a good style with so many celebrities flaunting off various cuts and layers that you’ll never understand how stylists would do it. If you want to know the best long hairstyles for women over 50 for yourself, your mom, or grandmother, read on the following ideas and determine what is up to your taste.

Having long hair requires more maintenance than short ones. If you have straight hair, you need to have a good moisturizer that would protect your hair from breakage because of brushing or combing.

If you have curly hair, you have to find a styling cream that would give your locks a glossy appearance and retain a specific position in order to avoid getting messy. For those with wavy ones, a healthy hair regiment should be your most necessity.

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Here is the thing, most people want straight hair when they have curly locks; but you should be proud of having a curly one. Women look better with hair that has body and you can achieve that effortlessly. Even having thin or thick hair won’t make much of a difference since the curls make your hair look full throughout.

Styling curly hair lies on the layering. You need to thin out the thicker parts to make the right proportions. You’ll need a stylist who is good with layering cuts. If you have someone who’s been working with you for a while, let them do it since they are the most informed about your hair’s nature.

The following are some of the styles you might want to give your hair a try:

Simple layered cut with a V-finish –


This means that you shouldn’t put any type of accent cut in the hair. Curly hair is flashy in itself so you need to tone it down with a simple style. Make the layering to minimum and do it depending on how thick the hair is. Only layer on the lower part until the tips. Your stylist will know what to do.

Dramatic Side Part Layering –


Getting a side part makes any woman look gorgeous. It would definitely match older women who like to attend occasions since they are good to go without doing anything fancy to the hair. Just dab on a little make-up and you’ll look your best no matter what occasion.

Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

For those with straight hair, the style is based on the face shape and density. This is because straight hair makes the facial features obvious because of lack of curves on the facial sides. It is not very difficult to find a good style, but you will need someone who is good at doing natural layers.

The following are my personally recommended hairstyles for straight hair:

One-length cut with layered ends –


This is the simplest hairstyle with a little twist at the end for adding volume. Older women don’t like combing or brushing a lot so it is best to give them a simple cut that they can easily put back if they want to.

Simple side-trim, side swept bangs, and V-ends –


For those who want to have a multi-layered hairstyle, this would be the best. The bangs help in framing the face while adding to the volume. The side trim refers to the mild layering done in the sides to give your hair a contoured front view. The V at the back should be cut connecting to the side trims to maintain overall harmony.