Updo Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women are lucky to have great hair; it is textured and versatile in a way that no other woman’s hair can really be. While this is a true statement, many black women do not know how to take advantage of the versatility of their hair. You probably know that braided hairstyles take a long time to create, but once your hair has been styled, you can keep the style in for up to two and a half months. Here, we’ll give you four examples of some of the best updo braided hairstyles for black women.

Updo Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

There are a lot of different kinds of braids that you can use to create your updo and the type of the braid that you choose can completely change the look of your hair and the updo possibilities of it. For example, today we will look at a braided bun, braided twists, micro-braids, and cornrows. Each of these types of braids has completely different capabilities and looks absolutely stunning.

Braided Buns


These types of buns are interesting and have only recently started to become popular. This is a style that most colored women choose to wear for elegant or special occasions, but it can also be worn casually as well. This is a style where you can choose the types of braids and it won’t really altar how the hairstyle appears. Simply have your hair braided and then formed into a bun. You can have the bun held in place with another long braid being wrapped around it… This style is beautiful, but it is one of the hairstyles that will not last you as long and you may have to reform the bun as time goes on.

Braided Twists


Twists are becoming incredibly popular because of the interesting design that they create in your hair. Rather than braiding with three strands, stylists use only two strands of your hair. By twisting them together, they can create patterns and change the texture of your hair dramatically. You can have it twisted to the back of your hair and create a beautiful and stylish updo this way. It’s a style that looks great on many African American women and is easy to keep and wear.

Micro Braids


These tiny braids are much smaller than typical braids that you expect to find. They are more detailed and delicate. Obviously, these braids will take much longer than the other braids, but they can create a more detailed look. After they have been done, you can still style your hair and could even change your updo every day if you’d like. A dramatic hairstyle for these is to have your stylist micro braid your hair for some length, until your head is covered, and then to gather them into a high pony tail where you can change the style, or add curls to your hair. It is elegant and easy to do.



Cornrows are most popular among black women and they look great. Many people do not expect to be able to do updos with cornrows but it is completely possible. You can have your stylist braid designs into your hair and work it into a single gathered point where the rest of your hair can be fashioned and styled upward; giving it a more fun and elegant look than just cornrows. It’s a great look and looks great on nearly every colored woman.

If you have a difficult time managing your hair, then you should consider trying something like these braided hairstyles. Rather than having to deal with your hair on a daily basis, you could have a style that will last you for months—that’s a lot of time to go without the hassle of daily styling, and these braided hairstyles for black women are absolutely stunning.