Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women Over 40

These days, women can wear their hair any way they want because the days of age limiting hairstyle choices are long gone. Some women used to feel that there were some looks that they could not pull off anymore simply because they are now over the age of 40. For women who like to wear their hair a little on the long side, there are shoulder length hairstyles for women over 40 that can literally make at least five to ten years disappear from their actual age.

Over 40 and Fabulous – Shoulder Length Hairstyles that Flatter

The curly look that stops at the shoulders:


For older women with naturally curly hair, long layers are the best way to help with those curls because the hair is long enough to help straighten it, but not too long that the hair ends up getting straightened. With the curly look, a woman who is over 40 can comb her hair in a way that leaves the curls dangling around her face, and she will look younger and more adventurous.

The shoulder length vintage look for straight hair:


Some hairstyles were very popular during the 1960s and the 1970s, and while some women think that the hairstyles are too old, the fact is that they are coming back into style. For women over 40 with straight can take advantage of the fact that the vintage hairstyles of the past are coming back into style. With the help of a hair dryer and curling iron, the bangs can be curled and then combed out to give them more volume. To add another layer of style to the vintage look, the very ends of the straight hair can be curled as well. With the hair straight, and then just the end having one big curl, a woman over 40 can look like she stepped out of 1970s fashion magazine.

The choppy hairstyle with streaks of blonde:


Women who are older than 40 are going to start noticing that their hair is getting gray in some areas, but before women make an appointment with the hair dresser, they need to think about what those gray hairs represent. The best way to get rid of gray hairs is to blend them into an awesome hairstyle. One effective way to blend those gray hairs in is with a choppy hairstyle, but also incorporating blond. The choppy look is going to have hairs of different length, but the combination of grey and blond hair is going to help a woman appreciate just how great she looks even though she has to face the fact she is getting older.

A shoulder length hairstyle with a rough and windblown look and middle part:


Having curly hair does not have to be a curse because there is a new way for women over 40 to style their shoulder length hair. To really make that shoulder length hair look great, a woman over 40 only need to part the hair down the middle and then add a little mousse to those locks. In order to achieve the windblown look, all a woman has to do is to scrunch up her hair or use a pick to comb it out. Windy days can be hard on hair, but with the windblown look, a woman over 40 can turn her boring shoulder length hair into a fashion sensation that every older woman will want to try. Just because a woman is over 40 does not mean that she is going to stop looking her best, and a windblown hairstyle can make her both look and feel like she is in her 30s.