Short Spikey Hairstyles Women Over 40

Ever since Women’s Liberation of the 1970s, women have become more powerful than they ever were before. With women being free, they were able to do what they want, whether that was to go to work, or have unconventional relationships. Women are just as free as men, and that freedom also includes what they can do with their bodies and with their hair as well, especially older women who feel free to do whatever they want. One of the ways for older women to style their hair is short spikey hairstyles women over 40 can choose to have their hair cut, and these spiky hairstyles are becoming more popular as both a fun and practical way for them to wear their hair.

Fun and spiky hairstyles for women over 40

The tussled look with spikes:


Sometimes when a woman gets her hair cut really short, sometimes she can have spikes, and she really does not mean to. One of the best things that women over 40 love about a short haircut is the fact that they can take a shower, get out of that shower, dry off, then just literally run their fingers through the hair, and then go out the door. Women who run their fingers through their hair can do so to cause some of the hairs on the top of their hair to spike, and it’s a great way to get a really hip hairstyle without really meaning to, which is only going to make it more fashionable.

The faux hawk with the option for spiky hair:


Some women want to have a Mohawk hairstyle, but do not want to actually do it because the two sides of their head would be shaved completely. However, with a faux hawk, the hair is cut short, but it is cut in such a way that if a woman combs her hair a certain way, then all the short hairs will come together to form a Mohawk without having to have her head shaved. If a woman does want to have one single strip down the middle of her head be spiky, then she will love the faux hawk style, but if she does not want that then she can just comb her hair normally. The great thing about the fawx hawk hairstyle is that it can be both an evening and a daytime hairstyle. If a woman goes to work she can wear her hair normally, but if its time for a night on the town, then she can easily comb her hair into the faux hawk and go have some fun.

The straight spiky look:


Older women like to be a little on the rebellious side because they have now reached a certain age, and once people reach a certain age, then its time to be a little bit of a rebel. For women who have straight as a ruler hair, they can have a regular hairstyle, or they can get wild and take a comb, add some hairspray, and turn their regular hairdo into a great style that everyone is going to love. A woman over 40, that wants to be even more of a rebel, can add a little bit of color to her hair like blue or green, and she will definitely set a trend with her hip style. While some women are not sure they want to go with a spikey hairstyle, the fact is that it is becoming quite a popular way to cut the hair that truly can be worn no matter how old a woman is. Typically, short spikey hairstyles are what people think of when they see teenagers or men, but now more women are wearing them too.