Short Shaggy Hairstyles Women Over 50

There are a lot of great hairstyles out in the world of hair salons that women get their hair cut into every day. However, what some women fail to realize is that their hair can be an expression of who they are. One of the most popular and fun hairstyles that a woman can get is called the shaggy haircut, and there are many short shaggy hairstyles women over 50 can use to express who they are. Here is more information on the different ways that women can get the shaggy hairstyle that will flatter their face and make them look young and vibrant.

A shaggy cut to bring out the youth in an older woman

The slightly messy shaggy cut for straight hair:


What makes the shaggy cut so popular is the fact that the hair is cut in lays that go from short around the face to long for the back of the head. With the shorter hairs around the face, an older woman’s face is framed, which will make her face look longer, and if she does have wrinkles, the lengthening of the face will diminish the look of those lines and wrinkles. However, to add another level of youthfulness to an older woman, she can muss her hair with her fingers, and the messy cut will do wonders for taking a few years or even a decade off of her looks. To achieve the messy shaggy look, a woman over 50 only needs a hair dryer and a wide square brush.

The 1970s shaggy style with a flip:


Back in the 1970s, women were wearing their hair with the end of it having a slight flip to it. While some women might think that this flip is gone, the truth is that look has never gone out of style, and for women over 50, it can bring back a time when she was younger and a little wilder. All a woman over 50 needs to go back to the 1970s, is a hair dryer and a round brush so she can flip the ends of her hair.

The flat iron shaggy look for women with curly hair:


Many women over 50 have curly hair, but sometimes having all those curls can be an inconvenience, and women with curly hair often wish that they could have straight hair. If a curly haired woman wants a whole new look, she can turn that shaggy cut of hers into a whole new look that everyone is going to love. With the help of a flat iron, a woman can straighten her hair, and what that will do is make her shaggy hairstyle look even more hip. The straight hair will look very sharp, and a woman does not have to worry about it because she will have straight hair for a short time. The only drawback to the flat iron shaggy look is that it may take an hour or two to take the curl out of her hair, but it will be worth it when she is complimented all day long.

The windy look for short and shaggy hair:


For a woman over 50 that wants to give her naturally wavy hair a windy look, all she needs is a hairdryer and her own two hands. After her shower, a woman can use the hair dryer to dry her hair, but do it in two different directions. By drying fir one side in one direction, and then another side in the other direction, her hair will look like she has been caught in wind storm. She can use her fingers to fluff out her bangs, and when she is done, her hair will be slightly curly still, but have a windy look that everyone is going to love because it will make her look messy yet elegant, which is going to make her look a lot younger than her true age.