Short Hairstyles Women Over 50 Round Faces

There are a lot of misconceptions about women with round faces, and the biggest one of them all is that women have round faces because they are overweight or obese. However, the truth is that a round face does not necessarily mean that a woman has a weight problem, but just that she has a jawline that is more fuller than other women. However, for women with fuller jawlines, the problem can be that they want to make their round face look thinner, and there are plenty of short hairstyles women over 50 round faces that can do just that.

The short look with side swept extra long and shaggy bangs


The problem with having a round face is that it can look fuller than it really is because of the jawline and cheeks. The secret to making a round face look thinner is how the hair is styled, and if women over 50 who want to wear their hair short, they need to draw attention away from the jaw and cheeks. The short hairstyle can detract from the jaw and cheeks by making the face look longer, which can be done by having the bangs cut with a shaggy style and then combed to the side. The extra long hairs are going to go along the slope of the face, which will minimize the roundness of a woman’s face.

A bob style haircut with the ends that flip out away from the face with bangs:

A bob style haircut with the ends that flip out away from the face with bangs:

Many women over 50 love the bob style haircut, but this one is especially designed for women with round faces. The bangs are kept just as short as the rest of the hair, but the ends of the hair that frame the face go out away from the jaw line instead of into curve along it. For women with naturally curly hair, the hair being so short will make the ends go out, but for women with straight hair, the same look can be achieved with a round brush and hair dryer.

The edgy styled bob with spiky bangs:


This style works best with women over 50 with straight hair. The hair has to be cut in edgy layers, which means that the hair will be cut into different length all around the head including the bangs. To length of the sides of the hair are going to go straight down the face, which is going to make the jaw look thinner and longer. To add another level of cool to the hair style, the hair can be dyed in a vibrant color like dark red or platinum blonde.

A pixie cut with a high top:


A pixie cut is when a woman has very short hair, and while the style is great, the problem is that it can make women over 50 with round faces look even more round. There is nothing wrong with the pixie cut, but in order to make the round face look thinner and longer, the top of the head has to be made to look thicker and taller. For women who want the top of their heads to look taller, they can use a curling iron to curl the hairs on top. Once the top of the head is curled, the curls can be brushed out and picked with a comb to give it more volume. In order to hold the look in place, a woman just needs to add a little hairspray, and the pixie look with the high top will be complete. An older woman can now have her hair cut as short as she wants, just as long as she remembers to give the top of her head volume so that it makes her face look longer and less round.