Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for Women Over 55

Women who are over 55 have a lot to show for their age, and they want the world to know that just because they are over a certain age does not mean they are done living by any means. Short hairstyles for women over 55 are actually quite popular because they give women that age a certain dignity and class like no other hairstyles can, and there are plenty of styles of short haircuts that women can choose that is going to flatter their face and actually make them look a lot younger than being 55 years old.

The short haircuts for women over 55

The bob haircut that is more asymmetrical:


Many women over 55 like to have the bob haircut because it is easy to take care of, which means that women can take a shower, dry their hair, do a little fixing with a brush or comb, and just leave the house to do whatever they need to take care of. However, just because an older woman does not want to spend a lot of time fixing her hair that she should have a boring hairstyle. With a bob haircut that is more asymmetrical, the hair is going a little more forward around her face, which is going to frame her face in a way that is going to make her appear to be a lot younger than 55.

The short cut but a left a little long on top for a fun twist:

short cut but a left a little long on top for a fun twist

Another fabulous hairstyle for women over 55 is to cut her hair short on the sides and back, but leave the hair longer on top. The reason for leaving the length on the top of the head is so that women can use that extra hair to give their hair a messy yet trendy look. With the longer hair on top, women can add volume by curling it, then combing it out so that it’s the hair is higher up then the rest of the head. With a hairstyle that is a little tall on top, the length can make a woman’s face appear a little longer, and that is going to make an older woman younger, and also give her a playful look that men are going to notice especially if she sweeps her bangs to one side.

A bob cut with the ends flipped out for naturally curly hair:


Women over 55 can get their hair cut into a bob, but for women with curly hair, the ends of it are going to flip out because of the natural wave that is in their hair. While some women may not like the idea of their flipped out ends, the truth is that it can actually make them look a lot younger. If their hair is not long enough yet, older women with naturally curly hair can achieve the flipped out look with help from their hair dryers. While the hair is still wet, it can be blown dry and finger combed, which will help the ends of the hair to flip out.

The textured layered look with straight bangs:


The textured layered look is just another way of saying combing the top of the hair in more than one direction. The messy look on top, but leaving the bangs along to look straight, is going to make an older woman look both fun and interesting. Women over a certain age are supposed to be more organized and wise, but with this fun and flirty hairstyle, people are not going to believe that a woman is over the age of 40 let alone 50. To achieve the textured look, a woman just has to add a little mousse or gel to her hair while she is drying it, and then fluff it out a little with her fingers.