Short Hairstyles for Women over 45

The mature woman looking for a short hairstyle to flatter their appearance is in luck. Many different short styles are out there, and with these styles you can add sophistication and charm to your look. Short hairstyles are far easier to care for than longer hair styles, and these short hairstyles for women over 45 certainly achieve sophistication and elegance at the same time.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle?

There are a number of factors that must be taken into account when selecting a hairstyle, especially when it is a short style that you are seeking.
For instance, the shape of your face is important. In fact, face shape is one of the most important factors of all when selecting your short hairstyle.

Oval Face Shape:


The oval shaped face is the ideal shape for short hair so women with this shape will find it easy to carry off almost any look they desire. Whether it is curls and kinks that you like, wispy bangs or even the bob, your oval face will make it more than possible to achieve.

Round Face Shape:


Round faces should opt for a short style that makes the face appear smaller. A short style just below the chin is ideal, and if you want to use bangs they should be long and swept to the side. Curls are not recommended for people with a round face.

Oblong Face Shape:


An oblong face shape should choose a hairstyle that adds width to the face. Bangs should be cut to the brow line, and long bobs work well, too. Oblong face shapes work wonders with curls, so you can easily add body and fullness to your look.

Heart-Shaped Face


If you are a woman with a heart-shaped face you should find a short style that draws attention away from the face and the small chin. Bangs are one solution that helps accomplish this task. Adding jawline length layers is also an idea.

Other Hairstyle Considerations

The shape of the face is important, however it is not the lone factor that should be used to choose the hairstyle that you want. Another factor that should be used to choose your hairstyle –the type of hair that you have.

For example, if you have thick hair you need to rethink your options. In most cases short curly hair doesn’t look good, nor is it easy to maintain. If you have fine hair you want to select something that adds layers and volume, such as choppy layers. If you have wavy hair you can easily pull off most any type of short hairstyle that you want. A bob is a good choice for wavy hair, and some people with waves like to comb their hair back. You must use these considerations together with the shape of the face to find what will work the best for you.

Always choose a style that you like, as well as one that is easy to maintain. Even women who have the time and enjoy devoting it to caring for their hair will find that styles that are easier to maintain are far more beneficial than those that take time to fix. That is the great thing about short hair –it is much easier to maintain, but some styles make that definition different.

The Bottom Line

Short hairstyles for women over 45 have increased in popularity over the past few years, and there are certainly many choices that can help each and every woman achieve the great look they are after. Use these factors and considerations and before you know it the perfect hairstyle will be found.