Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 50

With too many hairstyle patterns on board, it’s very difficult to decide which will go best as per our cheekbone and facial structure. We personally believe, you got to be a little careful about hairstyle if you’re a bit overweight. Anyway, if you desire short hair style that will pick attention fast, we’ll tell you a few popular short hairstyles for overweight women over 50. When you choose a hairstyle, give priority to the appearance of your facial muscles and bones.

Smart & Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 50

Being over 50, it does not mean that you’ve to put an end to your style persona. As far as we know, we can make a broad cheek bone and chubby facial muscle look slimmer with a smart hairstyle.

Round Chubby Face With Thin Hair

Round Chubby Face With Thin Hair

Now Hair texture differs from person to person. We can’t have the same pattern for all types of faces. If you’re born with thin hair texture and have a round face, you must get a haircut that will look voluminous. If you’ve a naturally thin hair, go get a layered haircut. It’s because this type of hair cut will give you a bouncing effect. The layered bouncing hair cut goes very well with the round heavy faces. When the hair locks fall on your cheeks, they cover the puffiness of the face to some extent making the face look a bit thinner.

Wispy Bangs


That’s another style which works very well if you’re worried about how to style the hair to make the face look thinner. If your hair is not too much curly, you can go for the wispy bang hair style as it covers a part of your forehead and fall down on the eyebrows. Even if you want to keep the length of the hair short, it does not matter, it’ll go well with your face.

The uneven choppy bangs are always good for the fat faces. We feel this asymmetrical hair style is good and gives the face a long and oval look at times. With this hair style, you can partially cover the extreme round features of a round face and also the wide forehead.

A Tip For You:-

If you want to make your face look slim and long, you’ve to choose a hairstyle that will keep the hair volume good at the top of your head. That way you can make your face look longer as it elongates the face.

The Long Bob Stye:

Long Bob Haircuts for Women over 50

If you don’t like too short hair, then you can do the long bob style. Yes, it’s something that looks very good on fat faces for women over 50. We think it gives a slimming effect to your face.

Angled Bangs:

Angled hairstyle

There is also angled bangs for overly puffy face.

Long Layers:


We already told you about that. We know we’re talking about short hairstyles here, but then you can also have long layers as we think it goes best for a bit chubby faces. If you have an extreme round feature or face, long layers will go great as too short hair increases the roundness.

However, you always have the privilege of low maintenance with short hair length. To give your face a sharper look, you should try to maintain a below the ear length pixie cut or bob style hair. This type of hair style narrows down your face structure. If you can, then try to spike your hair style when the hair texture still remains straight. However, if you’ve a too curly hair texture, you won’t see much difference from the style.

If you’ve too curly hair, short hairstyle might not go well at all. So these were basically the main short hairstyles for overweight women over 50. We’ll update you when we get to know about more new short hair style trend.