Short Hairstyles for Older Women with Gray Hair

Gray hair can be tricky to style. When you wear it well, you are unforgettable. But if you don’t, you risk looking like your grandmother. There are any number of up-to-date, short hairstyles for older women with gray hair. Keeping your style current is the best way to be unforgettable.

It’s important to remember that gray hair is simply another color of hair. In spite of the changes in your hair that occur as it turns gray (resistant to styling, a coarser texture), the biggest difference is the loss of coloring pigments. Show the world that gray hair doesn’t mean you’re ready for the rocking chair by finding a style that compliments your face and your hair.

Try to choose styles that flatter your face and features, instead of focusing on your hair color. Talk to your stylist about what works with the texture of your hair. And be sure to stay current with styling trends and techniques. By keeping your style on trend, you can continue to look chic and vibrant no matter the color of your hair.

Whatever style you choose, take good care of your silvery locks. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in gorgeous condition. And keep your hair shiny and looking healthy with a luster-locking spray or serum.

Short Layered Hairstyles for Older Women



For a fun style that is short and easy to work with, try a cropped cut. This hairstyle is cut longer around the ears than a pixie. Ask your stylist to razor in some chunky layers, and you will look great. You can go for an edgy look with uneven bangs and layers, or keep your layers soft for a more feminine style.

This cut is great for women with straight hair. And it also works well for medium to thick hair with some wave to it. For the most flattering look, keep your layers off your face, and your banks should be swept off to one side.



The pixie cut is still on trend, and is the classic, short hairstyle for gray hair. Styles that are short around the ears, with longer, soft layers around the rest of your head look the best. This type of cut adds height and volume, keeping attention away from the fine lines around your eyes.

Be sure that your cut compliments your face. If you have strong features, you may be able to pull off an edgy look. But most of us will want to go with a softer, more feminine style.

All face types are complemented by this type of cut. And, this style is quick and easy to fix. Simply apply some mousse and run your fingers up through your hair as you blow it dry and you will be ready to go!



The spiky cut is another fun, short layered hairstyle that looks great with gray hair. It suits women with all face shapes, and works well on all types of hair texture. It’s easy to style, and draws attention to the beautiful features of your face.

You can soften this style by wearing your bangs swept off to the side, and still be vibrant and sexy. When you need a look that is more sophisticated, you can always sleek down your hair and dress up your look with some great jewelry.

This style is easy to maintain, like most of the cuts we have talked about. Finger style your hair as you dry it, from the roots to the tips. Once dry, top it off with a small amount of gel, working it through your layers for the spiky look.