Short Hairstyles for Heavy Women

Did you know that the right hairstyle can help make you look thinner? For women carrying around a few extra pounds this is really news to the ears. Something as simple as selecting the right hairstyle can do plenty to help you feel great about yourself and look your absolute best. For women who want a no fuss kind of style that is flattering and helps shave off those pounds there are numerous short hairstyles for heavy women that should be considered.

Is Selecting Short hairstyles for Heavy Women Easy?

With so many flattering short hairstyles available, selecting one that accommodates you isn’t that difficult to do. The key to getting the perfect short hairstyle is to know what does and what does not work for you.

Heavier women should select a hairstyle that draws attention away from their face to flatter their looks. Another tips that will enable you to boost your looks with a short ‘do –add volume. Flat hair seems to do just the opposite of what a woman who is full figured wants it to do –it adds weight to the face and to the frame. When selecting the short hairstyle most suitable for your needs, keep this in mind.

Bobs are ideal for heavier women. These styles offer shoulder length hair so you’re not going super short, plus they take some of the attention off of the face which thins your appearance a great deal. The options available for creating a bob make this style very popular for overweight women.


Curls are also very popular for ladies who are carrying around a few extra pounds. Curls are full of volume, so that’s the first positive benefit. They also draw attention off of the face, and this is exactly what you want. Again this is a style with multiple options.

These are only a couple of the wonderful styles that will work for women who are overweight but looking for a great short style for their hair. There are so many others out there that are sure to leave you impressed and feeling your absolute best.

Finding that Perfect Hairstyle

There are a few different ways that you can find short hairstyles sure to be loved. This includes:-

Internet:– A browse of the web and you can find many different short hairstyles that are appealing to overweight women. This option is free and one that is accessible any time of the night or day.

Style Books:– Style books are available at the salon and inside you can find a great deal of beautiful short styles. Use a few different style books to get the best selection of styles and choices.

Friends/Family:– Would you believe that many people choose their hairstyle based upon what they’ve saw on a friend or even a stranger walking down the street? These people can be a great source of inspiration and you won’t even know it.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing in this world wrong with being a full-figured gal. As long as you are confident in yourself and the way that you look you can be sure that your hairstyle, no matter what you select, is going to work for you. Of course you still want something that is going to appeal to the eye and keep you feeling your best. Use the information above to find the perfect short hairstyle for your needs. You will appreciate the time and the fun that you have sorting through all of the great hairstyles, as well as the end results that you are left with, and that is an amazing hairstyle that flatters you in each and every possible way.